11 Things Nobody Will Tell You About Auto Car Repair


Have you ever been scared about your beloved vehicle? You step into a garage, ask for an inspection, and in a second, you get a response that you shouldn’t drive it for another mile.

The tires have failed, or the engine is about to collapse - we all have been through such scare tactics. All we wish is you didn’t give into them and stumbled across this post instead.

It has everything that nobody will tell you about automotive car repair, especially your mechanic.

11 Things Every Car Owner Should Know!

1. Don’t give into the scare tactics

First and foremost, ignore those comments on how you shouldn’t drive another mile with your car. Your car worked pretty fine when it reached the garage. If it did, it could easily be driven to another garage.

2. If they’re not flaunting the license, they don’t have it

It’s a solid statement and 90% of the times; it’s true. Any company that spent the resources on acquiring a license will always put it out in the best possible manner. It’s because not all repair shops are licensed and insured.

3. You’ll never need to sign a blank authorization form

Maybe you’re in a hurry, but no one should ideally ask you to sign on any blank paper without the precise estimates written over it.

4. You should never share the quote given by the first mechanic

It’s a clever business tactic. When you go for a second opinion, you’ll just mention the problem and quote. Naturally, the mechanic gets a clear picture of how he can make good business from you. Just go in as if you’re going for the first opinion and silently listen the observations and conclusions.

5. Ask for the old parts

In the case of a part replacement, don’t just leave the old parts with the mechanic. They often tend to dissuade you from asking for them. Getting the parts back would help you check if they were truly worn out and if they were replaced with new ones. Don't be shy to ask for the packages of the new replacement parts.

6. Early week is the best time for automotive car repair

Mechanics usually rush the job, especially on a Friday afternoon. Schedule the visits during the early weekdays.

7. A woman got a patent for windshield wipers, but no one bought it

It’s just a fun fact about the invention of windshield wipers, which we're sure nobody has told you before. These were invented by Mary Anderson in 1903, who also acquired a patent for it, but no auto manufacturer was ready to use the feature. It was after 1920, when Mary’s patent ran out, that these started becoming a standard in the automobile industry.

8. There are six types of oil changes you need

Oil change is part of basic car repair but what many of you don’t know is that there are six types of fluids that need to be changed in your vehicle on a timely basis - coolant, motor oil, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid.

9. Which are the most reliable cars?

It’s a common perception that a mechanic can suggest you about the best car to buy. It’s not true because he would never want you to buy a good reliable car. It’ll cause him a loss of business. So, don’t ask your mechanic for purchase decisions. Search online and read user experiences.

10. You must search about the basic functioning of the car

Unless you’re going to a very reliable mechanic for automotive car repair, you run the risk of falling trap to the wrong diagnosis. You may be getting your transmission replaced while all you need is just new shocks. To avoid it, you must know how your car works and read as much about that as possible.

11. You may not need the following upsells

You don’t really need an oil age after every 3000 miles (recommended on the stickers). A normal vehicle that is driven regularly on city roads can go up to 10,000 miles without an oil change.

It’s due to the improved longevity of the oil. Check your owner’s manual for correct estimates. You may also not need to change the ]]>air filter]]> as recommended by the mechanic.

It’s great to get it checked during oil change but keep in mind that these can last for as much as 30,000 miles. Coolant doesn’t need to be changed every year. It lasts for almost two years or approximately 100,000 miles.

These are the 11 things that nobody tells you about automotive car repair.

We’re sure you see the chances of saving a lot of money in the future after reading this. Don’t you?

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