Looking to Start an Auto Repair Shop? Here are 12 Basic Tools That You Will Need!


Starting an auto repair shop in Doylestown is not an easy task.

First and foremost, you need to ensure that you’re qualified and have completed your mechanical and diagnostic training. 

Next, you need to invest in equipment that will help you get started. 

In fact, even for offering basic repair services, you’ll need the initial equipment to set up a fully-functional auto repair store.

So, let’s look at the basic tools. 

The 12 Basic Tools to Start an Auto Repair Shop

1. Air Compressor

Most tools in your garage or workshop are dependent on a good quality air compressor. 

It will power other equipment like pneumatic hand tools as well as auto lifts. 

According to your budget, you should think about getting the highest capacity so that you have enough power. Maybe a 60-120 gallon compressor.

2. Pole Jacks and Jack, Jack Stands

Changing flat tires or replacing the old tires with new ones will require you to raise the vehicle.

This is probably one of the most common reasons why any vehicle owners will visit your auto repair shop.

So you need to invest in a strong floor jack.

Ensure that you don’t settle for a cheap one.

Along with the floor jack, you’ll need a high-quality jack stand in order to support the elevated vehicle, plus pole jacks to support axles or other parts of the elevated vehicle.

3. Oil Drain and Caddy

Services that include changing oil or transmission fluid require you to have a caddy so that it can store a large amount of fluid. 

When your business expands and you start working with vehicles that are on lifts, you’ll need a standing oil caddy that reaches the height of the raised vehicle to make things easy and quick for you.

4. Engine Hoist

For repairing, rebuilding or replacing an engine, you’ll need an engine hoist

An engine hoist is an engine crane that you can easily buy.

It’s very helpful in removing or installing the engine in the tiny and compact area of the vehicle.

Buy one that has the maximum capacity to lift the largest engine that you could be servicing.

5. Battery Charger and Jumper

This will probably be one of the most used tool.

Recharging a battery or bringing it back from the dead, especially during winter when it can get really cold will be a daily task fo you at your auto repair shop.

So, both, the battery charger and the jumper need to be of a very good quality.

6.  Strut Compressor

A strut is a shock absorber. A good quality strut compressor comes in handy when you are replacing struts or when you work on the suspension system of the vehicle.

Most auto repair shop owners don’t keep it handy.

But you can and it will also help you grow your business.

7. Brake Lathe 

It goes without saying that brakes are a very important component of all vehicles. 

You can fix the brake rotors and drums from another shop but that may not be a very profitable option for you.

However, investing in a brake lathe means you can fix them on your own.

Consider buying branded brake lathes so that it gets replaced easily when its job is done.

8. Press

Press will help in fixing the the bearings, bending metal and bushings. 

9. AC Machine

If you’d like to offer fixing the air conditioning system of the vehicle, then it will be a wise decision to get an AC machine that helps you in recycling, recovering and recharging the AC systems. 

The machine makes flushing and diagnosing of the AC systems better and faster.

If you don’t plan to service the AC system, then you don’t need the machine.

10.  Transmission Jack 

If you get the right supporting jack, then doing the transmission work will be easy to do.

But you need the appropriate jack.

Not using the right equipment can be dangerous for you.

There are different handling capacities and features. 

So, you need the one that will meet the needs of the service you offer as well as handle the weight while you do the transmission work.

11. Vehicle Lifts

A mechanic needs to get under the vehicle to perform tasks and check the vehicle.

Therefore, you will need a vehicle lift to raise it to a certain height.

12. Workbench

You will be working on the vehicles on your workbench. 

Therefore, you need to make sure it is durable and withstrands heavy-duty work like hammering.

Auto Repair in Doylestown

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