5 Signs Your Vehicle Suspension Squeaks


The suspension system of your car is the backbone on which your whole vehicle relies on.

It consists of springs, shock absorbers, rims, axles and other parts that connect your vehicle to the tires, allowing it to move forward.

In other words, the suspension system takes in all the punches, while you have a more gentle and comfortable ride inside the vehicle. It also protects the vehicle from damage or wears.

Owning a vehicle means, you are bound to have few minor accidents due to mechanical failures

Even the slightest fender-bender can result in damaging your suspension system.

5 Common Signs Which Scream Your Vehicle's Suspension Needs Repair

1. The Vehicle Pulls to One Side when Driving

If your vehicle is pulling toward left or right, it is the most common sign of suspension problems.

Although this could be happening due to the level of treadwear being different on your tires or your wheels need aligning, it can also indicate that suspension and steering components have worn out.

But only a professional can diagnose the precise problem. If you move over a pothole or climb over a curb very fast, your alignment can get whacked.

A sudden jerk like this can break a spring or control arm. Have your tires and suspension system checked by a professional to determine the issue.

2. Your Car Nose leans back when Stopping

The shock absorbers are worn out if you feel the vehicle's body is lurching forward or downward nose-first when you apply the brakes firmly.

You may also feel the vehicle rolling to one side when cornering. This could actually affect the braking ability of the car.

Most signs only show due to the extreme handling of the vehicle. You can either go for new suspensions or get a mechanic to do some adjustments to the suspension.

3. A Bumpy Ride Every Time You Drive the Vehicle

When the bumps on the road make your vehicle bounce, it is an indicator that you need to replace your suspension. A worn leaf spring may cause the excessive bouncing.

You can check for a busted leaf spring by checking if the vehicle is leaning back in the standing position.

Excessive air in the tires can also result in a bumpy ride when driving on the highway. Faulty shock absorbers can also cause your vehicle to bounce vigorously.

Shocks have fluid inside which prevents the vehicle from bouncing too much. If they leak, their performance will suffer and eventually fail.

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4. Corner of the Car is sitting Low

Does one corner of the car sits lower than the other side? It indicates a damaged spring.

It can also be confirmed if you hear a clunking noise every time you pass over a bump or deep pothole.

A broken shock may cause the spring to over-compress and result in vehicle lower sitting height.

To diagnose if you have spring problems, you can try this method - Push down on the trunk of the vehicle, release, and then listen to how the suspension reacts.

If you can hear a squealing or creaking sound, you've got a suspension problem with the shocks, or the springs busted.

5. Difficulty while Steering the Vehicle

If you find steering difficult, especially when cornering the vehicle, it implies that something might be wrong with your suspensions.

You may feel like the steering is slipping when the vehicle is kept in a turned position or the wheel is turned.

Even with the power steering, any number of reasons can cause this issue, including

  • Power steering fluid is low
  • Loose power steering belt
  • Broken power steering pump
  • Leaking power steering rack
  • Control arm bushings are worn out

When on the road, your vehicle's suspension is responsible for your safety and comfort.

Therefore, do not take these small signs for granted. More importantly, don't wait until your car is dragging along the highway before getting it inspected by a professional mechanic.

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