5 Things To Know Before Calling A Towing Service


One of the most common things that can happen when you are in a car accident is to tow your vehicle. But, what would you do if your car was not in an accident? What should you know before calling a towing service in New Hope? This post will help you take care of some essential details before making that call.

Why Do You Need A Towing Service?

Towing services are the professionals you call when you need assistance with your car. They provide roadside assistance for nearly all makes and models of vehicles. Towing companies will come to your location, whether it is at home, work, or another place, to help you get your car to your desired location.

Professional towing service providers like A&G Customs can help take your vehicle to a destination of choice if necessary, such as your trusted mechanic's garage/shop or anywhere else that's more suitable than the current location. They are equipped with different types of vehicles to help cater to you and tow it.

5 Things To Know Before Calling A Towing Service

1. Know Tow Truck Company's Rates Of Your Area

One of the first things that you should know before calling a towing service is its charges. Towing costs vary from one company to another, so you should call around and ask about their rates. Towing companies are allowed to raise their price according to circumstances. For example, if huge vehicles are being towed or extra equipment is required, your towing cost will surely increase.

On the other hand, you need to consider when asking for quotes from different companies that there are no hidden charges. The service providers charge according to the nature of the service. The basic fees are for towing, storage, and labor costs involved in transporting your towed vehicle from place to place. Towing rates also depend on where you are located and where you need to transport it.

2. Figure Out If You Need A Flatbed Or A Regular Tow Truck

Most service providers use a flatbed to transport cars. However, it is more expensive because it can pull your vehicle safely from one place to another without causing damage to the vehicle.

Still, this may not be necessary in every case. If you need to tow a small and lightweight vehicle, for example, asking to use a flatbed service might incur unnecessary expenses because they can attach straps and chains on it while using a regular tow truck instead.

How To Avoid Towing Service Scammers?

3. Find Out If They Have Insurance Coverage To Offer On Their Services

Despite being in pristine condition, you could be left without wheels if any damage is incurred during towing. Ensure that the service provider has a contract with insurance providers who cover accidents for both tow truck drivers and vehicles towed at fault by accident or vandalism-related activity.

A reliable service provider has ample insurance to protect both its company and the customer. An accident or injury can happen anytime, even when you are working with a towing service business that is reputable and experienced. The service towing company can cover general liability coverage for their towing services. Ensuring that the towing service provider is both insured and licensed is best to avoid any hassle.

4. Check If Your Car's Warranty Covers Any Damage From The Towing Service

You might not know this, but car warranties cover damage from the towing service. So if you ever get your vehicle towed and it's inoperable afterward because of something like an accident, and they're going for a diagnostics fee or anything else related, tell them that will be covered under warranty.

This insurance can also help you if you have hired a towing service that doesn't have insurance or if the insurance coverage is falling short to cover the expenses. It is a good idea to check if your warranty covers the damage.

5. Ensure That You Decide Where You Want To Take Your Car Before Calling Towing Service

It is best if you decide the exact place where you want to take your car. Towing services are dependable in getting your vehicle towed to a garage or service center.

However, if their drivers do not know of any garages around the area, they may end up dropping your car off near the garage, and it will need to get towed to another location again. Consequently, this will lead to the added expense of towing it to the correct location.

Bottom Line

Towing services in New Hope are a lifesaver in many situations. But before you call one, make sure to do your research and get all the information you need so that they can tow your car correctly and with care.

It covers everything from finding out what kind of coverage is offered by different companies and figuring out whether flatbed service will work better than regular tow truck service based on where you are located geographically.

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