5 Ways to Save Genuine Money on Automotive Repairs in Doylestown


From 2008, the average age of an American households' vehicle increased as owners held tightly to their cars, vans, and trucks longer. ]]>Source]]>

This means that all vehicle owners would need some or the other automotive repairs in Doylestown and nearby areas.

This was confirmed by the ]]>Bureau of Labor Statistics]]>!

The average annual expenditure of an American on automotive repairs is about $546.

What’s more is that, dealing with mechanics trying to upsell unnecessary repairs, or if you have limited knowledge about auto repairs, it can prove to be heavy on your pockets. 

So, here are five brilliant ways to save money when it comes to automotive repairs.

5 Ways to Save Money on Automotive Repairs

1. Look Around for Estimates

A second opinion will surely help you.  

Even if you’ve found a reputable repair shop, it doesn't mean you can't shop around for estimates.

Always focus on written estimates and make sure they are valid for the period of time you shop around.

Looking to get the best deal?

Then whip out the estimate that you’ve already got and see if the new mechanic is willing to match it or give a lower rate.

They may have some ongoing offers and specials too.

So, take advantage of the low rates.

2. Stick With One Garage

If you find a repair shop that you can trust and treats you like a valued customer, then it’s best to stick around with them. 

The ‘good guys’ aren't explicitly your mom and pop mechanics. 

Sometimes you may find them at a local dealership, other times, at a gas station, etc.

3 Things to Consider

1. AAA Approved

Consider an AAA approved car repair shop. If you are a AAA member, then you'll get a discount if you're lucky.

2. ASE Certified Automotive Shops

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence is a primary certifying body for automotive mechanics in the US. 

Always hand over your car to an ASE certified mechanic or only to those shops which you know personally and trust.

3. Yelp Reviews

Check ]]>Yelp]]> for reviews.

It is a great place to find a perfect track record for any place near you. 

Also, you'll be able to know if a garage has a specialty or focuses on a certain type of repairs.

3. Do Your Own Diagnostics (DYOD)

Considering the huge market for simple On-Board-DIagnostics-II (OBD-II), a built-in diagnostics and reporting tech built in most cars today, you can benefit the most. 

You can pair it with your smartphone to diagnose your own car's problem.

When a light turns on, or your car starts beeping like crazy, then that's the OBD code associated with it. 

These tools take such code and translate it into a form that can easily be understood by a non-technical person.

In this way, you’ll be able to diagnose what's wrong with your vehicle.

4. Be Informed

You need to know if you’ll be billed for any additional charges or difficult-to-get parts, for instance.

It doesn't hurt to request your old parts back as well. 

Knowing of any extra charges that you may be charged for in advance will help you plan better and not shock you when you receive the final bill.

Want to know more about all types of automotive services repair shops can offer?

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5. Do It Yourself

There are some repairs that you can do yourself, regardless of your abilities.

Like checking your fluid level, replacing your air and oil filters, and more. 

Learning such type of small repairs will hurt, plus you’ll save a couple of hundred dollars.

The more you learn about repairs and their costs, the more you’ll be able to fix them yourself without visiting any garage whatsoever.

A&G Customs for Automotive Repairs in Doylestown

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