7 Automotive Repairs To Extend Your Car’s Life


Buying a new car in 2019 usually costs more than $30,000 (]]>Source]]>). And that’s the average cost.

Considering this huge price, it is always a feasible option to get your car repaired instead of buying a new one.

It prevents you from burning a hole in your pocket and also refrains you from getting stressed.

Getting a few important automotive parts repaired may give your car a totally new vibe.

7 Automotive Repairs To Extend Your Car’s Life

1. Engine Services

The first thing that needs a totally new ‘life’ is your car engine.

Now, you must be thinking, “How am I supposed to do that?” 

Getting your car engine inspected and adding proper changes may give you a completely new driving experience.

Start with getting the fuel filter replaced. 
These filters have dirt accumulated on them after being in use for such a long duration.

Also, the most important thing for taking proper care of the fuel pump is making sure that the fuel does not go below a quarter of its capacity.

By following these practices you’ll not only get a better driving experience but also can improve your car’s mileage.

2. Auto Body Repair

While getting the interior of your car changed may improve your driving experience, but exteriors are something that you love your car.

Start with getting rid of dents or scratches.

Then look after the aesthetics.

A well-maintained auto body automatically increases your car’s value.

3. Alignment

Bad car alignment is caused mainly due to the high impact of hitting potholes or variable wear and tear of a car component.

This bad alignment can cost you fortunes.

They lead to the rapid wear and tear of your car tire, which increases the frequency of tire replacement.

Sometimes, bad alignments are the sole reason for an accident.

4. Transmission Repair

Transmission is the other car component that proves fatal after failure.

Higher noise than usual and overheating are the first symptoms of a bad transmission.

The most usual sign of a bad transmission is trouble in shifting gears. Handling the gear becomes more rough than usual.

If you experience a delay in response time between the shifting of gears and acceleration, quite often it's due to the worsening car transmission.

5. Oil Change

The oil keeps carbon components away from your car internals.

But with time, the quality starts to degrade and it may result in a clogged engine.

Getting your car’s oil changed will give a new life to your car.

Following your car’s manual for the oil change frequency is always recommended. But it can vary depending upon your driving pattern and the environment in which the car is driven.

Apart from getting your car engine protected from carbon accumulation, an oil change will also enhance the acceleration and the smoothness in your drive.

6. Brake Service

No drive is safe even after getting all the components repaired or replaced if the brakes are not up to the mark.

Due to friction among the brake pads, brakes lose their effectiveness over time.

Screeching, grinding, and vibrations are the most common symptoms of a deteriorating car brake.

Brake repairs cost fairly less as compared to other auto part repairs.

Thus, if maintaining brakes becomes difficult, getting an expert to look at it should be fairly cheap.

7. Car Detailing

There is a fine line between car detailing and a car wash.

A car detailing usually consists of two parts:-

  • Interior Detailing
  • Exterior Detailing

Interior detailing includes cleaning your car’s interior via vacuum and getting the internal glasses polished and cleaned.

Keeping your car free from external dirt comes under exterior detailing. Each and every external component is cleaned.

The auto body is polished and waxed.

Car detailing brings back your car value.

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