7 Tips That Will Help You Take Care of Your Car Like a Pro


Uncle Ben was right, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

These wise words can be attributed to your automobile as well.

Owning a car may not be a big deal for you, but taking care of it certainly is!

So, here are some really cool tips on how to take care of your vehicle so that it runs smoothly for a longer period. 

7 Super Useful Maintenance Tips

1. Clean Your Car Regularly - Inside and Out

There's a reason why your mum is always after you to clean your room. 

Your room appears messy, disorganized, and unpleasant. But that's not what is about. Above all, it is not healthy to be living in such spaces.

The same holds true for your vehicles too. 

Clean the inside of your vehicle by picking up the litter scattered inside. 

Taking your car out for a wash will keep the exterior shiny and will make it appear brand new. 

Keeping the interiors and the exteriors looking smart and fresh will help you fetch a higher resale value when you plan on selling your vehicle. 

Keeping your car in an untidy state will attract all the dirt and grime and can potentially curb its functioning. 

2. Use Reliable Brand and Change Oil Every 5,000 to 7,500 Miles

The engine is the heart of your car. Lubrication of your engine is crucial to its running. 

If it fails to do so, the accumulated dirt can kill the engine and will cost you hundreds of dollars and not to forget your happiness. 

Automobile experts propose that it is a good idea to regularly change the oil. 

If you’re not sure which one to use, you can opt for the most popular choice Mobil 1 (synthetic oil). It works well with most automobiles. 

If you are still skeptical, you can consult the auto repair expert near you and let him replace the oil in your vehicle.

3. Check Tire Pressure Monthly and Rotate Tires Every 7,500 Miles

Incorrect tire pressure can cause poor braking, less gas mileage, and of course, a flat tire, so, monitor your tire pressure with a gauge. 

Also, rotate your tires often to make sure that they wear evenly. 

The cost of replacing your tire ranges from $350 to $700, while a tire pressure gauge and rotation costs about $10 and $50, respectively. 

If your tires need to be rotated, simply take them to an auto body shop.

4. Replace Brake Pads Every 25,000 miles or Sooner

It’s dangerous to drive around with poor functioning brakes. 

It also produces unpleasant noises and worries. 

Hence, get your brakes and brake pads checked out often by a professional.  

Overlooking your brake pads will lead to brake rotors failing, a cheque of $300 to $600 for its successful replacement and perhaps an ugly emergency you aren't ready to deal with. 

5. Ensure Mirrors are Clean and Proper

The front & rear mirrors are probably the most neglected elements of your car. 

Driving with lousy or no mirrors at all invites a lot of troubles and can cause severe inconvenience to you. 

A good, clean set of front and rear view mirrors are a driving advantage. So, make the most of it. 

6. Do Away With the Bad Headlights ASAP

It’s an absolute nightmare to be driving back home with no or dim headlights. 

You should be concerned because you are compelled to be pulled over by the cops and driving in such scenarios especially during the night is a risky affair. 

Changing the headlight bulb yourself is a simple task and requires just some steps and tools.

You can try DIY if you please or hire a professional

Sylvania high-performance bulb lasts much longer.

7. Not Using Your Vehicle for a While? Make Sure it is Stored Properly

You may be going on a vacation for a month or your job is taking you to another state. 

Amid all the excitement, don’t forget to store your car in your garage or an allocated parking spot.

If you don’t do this, then there are chances your car engine may malfunction soon and the battery can die. 

Ensure your car is covered and the necessary measures are taken.

One great tip that goes without saying in order to take brilliant care of your machinery is to take it for an inspection to an auto body repair professional regularly. 

The staff will attend to your car in the best way possible.

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