8 Sureshot Ways of Finding the Best Auto Repair Shop Near You!


When it comes to your vehicle, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best.

But how do you find an auto repair shop that you can trust and rely on?

The very first thing that you need to know are the type of auto repair shops that you’ll come across.

Let’s take a quick look. 

4 Types of Auto Repair Shops

1. Dealerships 

These car shops have skilled mechanics who are trained to repair a particular type of car. They are reliable and provide high-quality work. 

The shops also sell car parts. So the turnaround time decreases as the parts are readily available and the mechanics don’t have to wait for the ordered parts to get shipped.

Also, if your vehicle is new and in warranty, you will not be charged for the repairs.

2. Independent Garages

Independent garage is owned by an independent person. Most of the shops have Automotive Service Excellence or ASE-certified mechanics. 

Compared to other type of auto repair shops, their service is cheaper. They have a solid knowledge-base and are well versed with auto repair. 

So many people prefer auto servicing at independent garages rather than going to the dealership.

Independent garages comprise a major part of the total auto repair shops. 

But finding a reliable one is important if you wish to get service at an affordable price. 

3. Specialty Auto Shops

You cannot handover your exotic or luxury cars to independent garages or dealerships. There are specialty shops for such auto repair. 

Speciality auto shops are specialized in a particular type of car repair or specific repairs. 

For instance, auto repair shops that service cars like BMW, Jaguar, and Mercedes Benz. 

Or maybe the ones that service only specific parts like auto body air conditioner, automotive glass repairs and installation, brakes, body parts, and more.

4. Online Repair Shops

Not all auto parts are available in the market. Auto parts of classic or exotic cars have to be ordered. 

Online automobile repair shops deliver new and used auto parts at your doorstep. They also provide auto repair services at your doorstep. 

Expert mobile mechanics come for servicing, repair, and inspection. 

These are a convenient option as you can schedule the visit as per your availability.

Now that you’re aware of the different types of auto repair shops, let’s take a look at various ways to find a reliable auto repair shop near you.

8 Ways of Finding an Auto Repair Shop

1. Check for ASE Certified Professionals

Always look for professionals who are ASE certified. 

They are well equipped and offer the best services.

2. Check Customer Service

See which auto repair shop in Doylestown provide good customer service.

Although efficient repairing will matter more, look for facilities like a comfortable sofa, TV, availability of drinking water, and some good books or magazines to spend your waiting time with ease.

3. Call to Confirm

Even making a quick call to the auto repair shop can help you decide if you should drive to the place or start your search again. 

See if the person on the other end is interested in answering your queries and if he isn’t just rushing to hang up the phone.

4. Get an Estimate

The auto repair shop should give you an estimate in writing. 

This will give you an idea of the probable expenses and would also prevent the mechanics from going overboard with the cost. 

The final cost shouldn’t deviate much from the estimated cost.

5. Ask for Warranty

The service shop should give a warranty on the work. 

If you notice any issues after servicing, then you can get your car re-checked and serviced without any additional charges.

6. Ask for Testimonials and References

You can ask for a testimonial from the previous customers or references. Cross check the quality of the service they provide with the references. 

It will help you decide if leaving your car at the auto repair shop would be worth it.

Ask for references from friends or family who can suggest some good shops as per their experiences. 

You can also check online for reviews and ratings before you decide to leave your car with a professional.

7. Jot Down List of Services

Make a list of services which you expect from the auto body repair shop near you. 

Some include paint job of your car, repairing the paints or dents, transmission issues, engine and brake services, and oil change to name a few.

8. Check Availability

The most important point is check for availability. They should provide service 24*7 and should also cater to emergency services.

Find the best auto repair shop to save yourself from cheap and low-quality repairs. 

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