Everything You Need To Know Auto Repair Issues & Reducing Coronavirus Spread In Your Nissan Altima


Nissan Altima has an overall fashionable look with a sporty touch within an affordable range and is a commonly owned car in Pennsylvania and southern states of the U.S.

Generally, every Altima owner cherishes their car and thus, makes the maintenance aspect imperative. Irrespective of what car you own, mechanical issues occur with an expense. 

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Altima is no different, despite being the most reliable choice in cars, there are expert secrets to its warranty and auto repairs. 

5 Common Auto Repair Concerns with Nissan Altima

Let's explore a few usual issues that you might encounter:

1. Engine Rattling & Tapping

It requires prompt attention and happens when the chain loosens and rattles as the timing chain tensioners and guides wear out. 

It occurs due to negligence as the oil is not altered as per the recommendation. 

The repair might cost you around $400 to $1000, depending on the part of replacement. 

2. Engine Stalling

One of the most typical issues with the Altima is that the engine stalls at any time even while driving at a high speed. Your check engine light alerts you before that happens. 

When it occurs, you should pull over to a secure place and get in touch with a towing service. It might occur due to the failed crankshaft sensor and camshaft. 

It generally happens after one lakh twenty thousand miles, and it costs you approximately $400 to $500.

3. Oil Leak

It usually occurs due to general mechanical issues for every vehicle. However, due to the engine oil cooler of Nissan Altima, its external seal tends to fail more often. 

When the seal fails to cause an oil leak, which is slow in the beginning, it eventually transforms into an extensive leakage.

It usually occurs in the Altima after 97,000 miles, and it costs you nearly $800.

4. Engine Movement

It might occur at a certain speed or when you start the vehicle because of the wear and tear in the engine mount. 

The movement causes a shaking and knocking noise. The engine mounting on the right side seems to be more prone to malfunction with wear or even crack. 

It usually occurs after 110,000 miles and it costs you approximately $800 to $1,100.

5. Check Engine Light

It is a small light on the dashboard lighting up to bring to your notice that there is an issue with the engine. 

The check engine light in the Altima Nisaan also points out the failure of the catalytic converter. It is a grave issue if you neglect this and should take it to a professional auto repair shop if noticed. 

It usually occurs after 1,30,000 miles, and costs approximately $1000 to $1500.

Reduce Coronavirus Spread In Your Nissan Altima

Novel coronavirus doesn't affect your vehicle but can get on it and infect the passengers. You need to maintain the cleanliness of your car. 

To sanitize your vehicle, you can use disinfectant wipes or alcohol for the interior of your car such as spaces experiencing maximum touch. You should also use hand sanitizers to disinfect your hands

To further precaution, you should sanitize your hands on an hourly basis and vehicle every day to avoid any infection. 

Be cautious, especially while using a vehicle on rent by wiping the spaces with most human contact with wipes before further use. 

The major areas you should be cleaning are the steering wheel, seat belts, door handles, latches, window buttons, lock buttons, mirrors, climate control buttons, and radio.  Tips To Tow Your Car Safely During The Coronavirus Outbreak

For further caution, avoid storing large hand sanitizer bottles in your car as the heat might cause the alcohol to boil and result in a bottle expansion. 

Furthermore, if you are unable to find alcohol or disinfectant, utilize the old school method of scrubbing with soap and water for 20 seconds.


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