Is It Worth Or Not To Go Ahead With Antique Car Restoration?


"The cars we drive say a lot about us." - Alexandra Paul.

Purchasing a new car feels special, but it feels unique and exquisite to own an antique car.

Its restoration requires a lot of passion, planning, and patience. But is it worth going ahead with an antique car restoration in Holland? Let's find out.

Difference Between Antique, Vintage, And Classic Cars?

Many people confuse between them, so here is a clear difference that you must know.

a) Antique Cars: 
It is a 45-year-old car close to its original production in both aspects of cosmetic and technical features. 

b) Vintage cars: 
It may overlap with antique cars as a few may qualify as an antique car. The car from the period of 1919 to 1930 don't lose their value with modifications. 

c) Classic Cars:
It is a car that lies within the range of 20 to 40 years of age and it needs to be close to the manufacturer's design, and specifications. It will lose its value with alterations.

Are Antique Original Cars Worth More Than Restored Ones?

Yes! Without a doubt.

Antique cars cost more than any other restored general cars, and you can find many people flocking to purchase them from you.

People fond of antique cars are collecters and try to purchase what is missing from their collection.

But how can you determine the value of the antique car? There are many factors involved that can help you evaluate the right price.

Market trends are one of the factors affecting their value, but there are many other factors. Let's dive into it.

5 Things To Keep In Mind While Restoring A Car!

How To Find The Value Of An Antique Car?

i) What Is Its Popularity?
Only a few cars sustain their values in comparison to others, and it applies to both antique and modern cars.

It is because some cars experience more popularity among the consumers due to their models and make.

This aspect determines the overall appeal to cover their classic uniqueness and look.

ii) Evaluate The Comprehensive Quality
The car is evaluated at a higher value than its original price if they were expensive when manufactured and released.

Car enthusiasts and collectors look for workmanship quality in antique cars, especially the ones in demand. 

Your antique car will have a greater value if it consists of high-quality materials and will increase even more with passing time and proper maintenance.

iii) Condition Check
The working conditions of antique cars also affect their value, and it is one of the essential factors.

They have been around for several years and have survived many repairs and levels of restoration.

It may have a lower value if it requires significant restoration work. Although with proper maintenance and good condition can definitely fetch a higher value.

How To Find the Right Car?

It is way different from purchasing a brand new car, but you require to do your homework to find the one that fulfills your budget and necessity.

Talk to like-minded people in your circle before you finalize who have a similar experience with the same kind of car you want to purchase. You can also discuss it in online groups to know more about it.

You can even ask an expert restorer to advise and help you choose a car. They can also guide you to the perfect car and help to avoid taking on a project you can't handle.

3 Tips To Choose Antique Cars For Restoration

1. Look Out For Rust

Even a small amount of rust screams stay away from it. You may not realize, but the tiny bit can cost you so much, and you will run against time to do it. 

You need to take an extensive search for the damage and not just a visual inspection. Or you must be ready to do the bodywork if you purchase a car with rust and repairs. It needs skill, but you can't wing it for a finished product.

But avoid a car at all costs if you have no notion of fabricating replacement sheet metal panels and sandblasting metal is not in your skillset. You can find resources online to help you guide in how the auto body shop repairs rust holes without welding

2. Decide On The Type Of Restoration You Want

It is just not about the car to work or run again but to make it look like a brand new car. You can start restoration in many ways, but it depends on what sort of finished product you want. 

An affordable option is to restore it for your daily drive that might not look at that appropriate time and still run great. You must go ahead with a concours restoration until you have the cash and time to invest in it. 

This will help you get a vehicle in a period-accurate look and runs like a new vehicle. The elaborate attention to detail isn't a kind of restoration for everyone.

3. Check Parts Availability

This is particularly true for rare cars, and if it isn't common, then the chances are that you may not find the replacement parts that easily.

Be sure that you can find the replacement parts before jumping into the car restoration project and planning. However, in the case of a rare car, you may take some extra time to source the right parts and money to invest in it as they will not come cheap.

Be careful about the part's quality and the deals you find online for such components. Also, don't purchase the lowest-priced parts, but you can find mid-ranged price parts if you can't afford the top-quality parts.

Get A Professional Help

Professionals can help you wrap up the long process of antique car restoration in Holland with perfection and in a time-bound manner. 

They can also help you source original parts that are rare to find. A&G Customs can give you a helping hand to restore and repair your antique car.

We go beyond the routine and provide custom detailing to make it look good as new. 

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