Auto Body Repair in Holland, PA


Summers in Holland are warm, humid, and wet; and, the winters are very cold. Also, it is partly cloudy year-round.

This makes Holland a perfect place to hang around. And everything will work fine as long as your car is in the ideal condition. But, if you’ve been missing regular repairs quite often, some problems are bound to arise.

The auto body is the first thing that is affected in this varying climate of Holland. 

Everything You Should Know About Auto Body Repairs In Holland

4 Ways To Prevent Auto Body Damage

1. Wax Your Car

The wax provides a nice barrier that prevents paint chipping that can destroy the look of a fresh paint job. 

Getting your car waxed once in six months will keep your car safe from harmful debris, natural elements, dust, road salt, and scratches.

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2. Prevent It From Bird Droppings

Bird droppings contain traces of acidic berries and seeds, along with grainy textures that can stain, dull, and scratch your car paint. They can cause permanent damage.

Thus, clean the droppings using a microfiber cloth. Also, try to avoid such situations as much as possible.

3. Avoid Rash Driving

The biggest factor that leads to permanent auto body damage is rash driving. Collision at high speed can really prove fatal for you and your car.

Cracked windshields, damaged doors, scratches, and dents can be the most common aftereffects of rash driving.

Also, the car components go through a lot of wear and tear in the process. Thus, you can never be sure of when they might break-down.

4. Go For Covered Parking

Prolonged exposure to UV rays will damage your auto body paint by speeding up the process of oxidation. Thus, go for a covered parking space to avoid your car paint from fading out.

Similarly, if you leave the car in the open during the winters, the coolant getting affected is more.

Thus, always park your car in the shade.

4 Things To Do After Auto Body Is Damaged

1. Remove Damaged Parts

The first thing that needs to be done with a damaged auto body is, removing its parts. Examine which parts are wearing out and may affect the performance of your vehicle.

Usually, tires and wipers are the first ones to be affected.

2. Fix Minor Auto Body Damages

After detecting the damaged body parts, you’ll realize that not all of them require replacement. Some of them can be fixed with some adjustments.

Dents can be hammered out and dimples as well. 

3. Replace Auto Body Parts

If the damage is major, replacement is the only solution available. It can be the entire door panel or the bumper, technicians can take care of every replacement.

Also, considering Holland’s weather, installing and weatherproofing windows and windshields can be a good option too.

4. Painting And Applying Finishing Touch

Car paint is the first thing that gets noticed. Thus, keeping it in optimum condition is mandatory. After getting the car body fixed, paint should be applied. This will bring back your car to its true essence and give it a perfect finishing touch.

Protect the car paint by avoiding rash driving and parking it in open.

Where Should You Go In Case Of An Emergency?

A&G Customs is the place to be at when you need auto body repair in Holland, PA. They have Automotive Service Excellence certifications, indicating that their technicians have in-depth knowledge and competence in specific areas.

Along with that, they have an excellent service record, which is visible from their reviews all across the internet.

Just give a call to 215 669 3072 and they will be more than happy to hear from you.