Auto Repair Doylestown: 6 Preventive Measures That Are Must For Your Car


Considering that women are more than half of all the customers who take their vehicles to the service center,

it is advised that they should take certain steps beforehand so that their trip to the repair shop is a positive one.

The car owners of Doylestown are apparently looking for a well-established efficient auto repair shop that will cater to their servicing and repair needs quickly, correctly and at a reasonable price.

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To have a positive experience and time well spent at the auto repair Doylestown shop, it is essential that you should ask these questions first before you pick your next auto repair shop.

6 Questions to Make the Most of your Car Repair Services

1. Are the technicians or the mechanics at the repair shop ASE certified?

  • The non-profit organization ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) provides certification to auto repairers and has tested them to provide the best services to the customers. 
  • The nearly 300,000 men and women that are certified by the ASE are well equipped and the best mechanics available. 
  • To have employees with this certification means that the workers at the repair shop mean business, and knows what they are doing.

2. Is the customer waiting room and shop in good condition?

  • This concern is mostly brought up by women drivers, as men usually don’t get bothered with these issues. 
  • Having a clean waiting room, with comfy sofas and a TV goes a long way in pleasing the customers to come again to the repair shop, this not only creates a good impression but also indicates how well the repair shop goes about doing its business.

3. How friendly are the employees to the customers at the shop?

  • One way to vet customer service by a real repair shop is via phone. 
  • You can understand how the guy on the other end responds to your concerns and if at all he seems interested. 
  • Did he respond with an informed answer to your concerns? Was he respectful and friendly, and wasn’t trying to rush off the phone? 
  • All of this will eventually show how the repair shop does the work on your vehicle. 
  • Apart from this, you can also read through reviews online as well.

4. Did they give you an estimated cost of services?

  • Even though every repair shop will have their estimation for a job done, you need to get one in writing. 
  • This is to make sure that the mechanic or the team working on your luxury car don’t go overboard with the budget you have kept in mind. 
  • The final cost of repair should be in the ballpark of the quoted estimation provided earlier.

5. Does the repair shop provide a warranty?

  • The most auto shop offers a warranty on labor and parts, which is usually in writing or pinned to the wall in the waiting room, this means if the repair shop delays the servicing by even a day from the mentioned date, you can hold it against them. 
  • Which also includes if certain rattling or problems occur after the servicing is done; you can get your vehicle re-checked without any additional charges.

6. Does the shop provide you with a list of references?

  • Though the internet is a great help in providing reviews when looking for the best auto repair shop, it is tough to find one with legitimate reviews online.
  • Besides searching for the authenticity of the reviews online, you can ask the auto repair shop to give you the references or testimonials from previous customers. 
  • For high-end vehicles, you can also search for online forums.

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