Is It Safe To Get Auto Repairs in Doylestown PA, Amidst COVID-19?


Several jurisdictions are directing people to maintain social distancing by staying home amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The situation is chaotic, rendering people everywhere in disarray. There are questions like what to do to survive it and how to manage through it

One question commonly echoing among people as to what are the essential services will remain open? Several cities, including Doylestown, have ordered nonessential businesses to close. 

Many drivers, no doubt, might wonder if this means you can't get essential repairs for your car.

The government considers services related to auto repair or maintenance as essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, these services could be available for a few hours and staff. 

Some of them might close temporarily, which might delay your service appointment.

What Does Stay At Home Order Imply For Auto Repair & Maintenance Services?

The order to stay at home is in effect throughout Pennsylvania, at least till June. 

Mayor Sam Liccardo of San Jose City said at a news conference, "We must move aggressively and immediately. The time for half measures is over. History will not forgive us for waiting an hour more."

However, an indispensable business or important government function will continue to work during the pandemic.

The list of essential businesses includes auto repair facilities along with gas stations, banks, grocery stores, convenience stores, pharmacies, health care supply stores, and health care facilities.

Are Repair Facilities Even Open?

Yes, the auto repair facilities are open!!

The order in Pennsylvania gave out a list of sectors recognized as crucial infrastructure, which is the same as provided by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). 

As per the order, residents working in those sectors are permitted to continue with their work as it is imperative to statewide health. 

]]>DHS, on March 19]]>, issues a memo including "automotive repair and maintenance facilities," among other mentioned critical infrastructures. So the facilities will remain open even if the outlets are a part of a dealership. However, the sales floor is not considered crucial. 

Following this, the Pennsylvania Automotive Association (a dealer group) suggested to continue service facilities solely and to discontinue the showroom. 

It is suggested to confirm with your local auto repair shop before leaving the house. 

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Should I Get The Repairs Or Maintenance Done After COVID-19 Subsides?

It is based on the urgency of the auto repair or maintenance you require. If it is routine maintenance, then you can delay it.  

If your car has a delayed airbag inflator replacement, then it is critical for your safety. It is advised to speak to your mechanic and seek his/her suggestion.

Below are a few measures you can follow to ensure your safety if it’s urgent for you to step out for auto repairs:

  • Call and book your appointment with your mechanic before stepping out. It will help avoid your unnecessary trip. 
  • Try to keep social distancing to avoid getting infected by being near others. You should go through CDC recommendations. 
  • After getting your car back, you should promptly disinfect the common touch areas like keys, door handles, and interior surfaces for protection. 
  • It is a must to wash your hands thoroughly as frequently as possible and restrain from touching your face. Also, avoid going out if you are not feeling well. Contact medical services for COVID19 diagnosis.

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Parting Thoughts

A&G Customs recognizes the essential part that it plays in society and the importance of its employees staffing and operating the shops. 

We are employing all essential precautions recommended by the CDC and WHO to assist in the prevention of COVID-19 spread. 

For auto repair in Doylestown PA, get in touch with us. We will help you get back on the road swiftly with effective auto repair services rendered by our specialist mechanics. 

Remember to remain safe, frequently wash your hands, and cover your mouth while coughing. You take care of you, while we’ll take care of your car