Auto Repair in New Hope, PA


New Hope, initially known as Coryell's Ferry, attracts bikers and tourists and has a vibrant nightlife. 

New Hope crowd is fun loving and is constantly looking forward to events and musical performances. They never want to miss out anything for silly reasons like a vehicle breakdown.

So they always keep a list of the best auto body repair shops in New Hope handy to prevent getting stuck in avoidable circumstances. 

Auto repair services are blooming in New Hope as tourism is the primary industry. There are ample cases of vehicle breakdown. 

Coryell Ferry’s roads are flooded with vehicles, especially on weekends. Heavy traffic impacts the car’s health and deteriorates it’s functioning.

How Traffic Affects your Vehicles

  • Damages Clutch

    Pressing the clutch often which will decrease its lifespan. It will get worn out faster than usual.

  • Damages Release Bearing

    It can also damage the throw-out bearing or release bearing and the clutch disc. Replacing them will cost you hundreds of dollars.

  • Increases Fuel Consumption

    Traffic also increases the fuel usage and affects the mileage of the vehicle. More traffic means more accidents.
    Although you can avoid scenarios like accidents, you cannot avoid the damage caused to your vehicle by the traffic.
    To keep your vehicle in top condition you need regular servicing done by a reliable auto body repair shop in New Hope.

What Can You Do To Maintain Your Vehicle?

Many New Hope automotive repair shops claim to have more than a decade of experience but not all provide quality service.

Moreover, customers pay overly ridiculous prices for services that are meager.

If you are looking for an auto repair shop in New Hope, look no further than A&G Customs. 

We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service in automotive repair. Our expert mechanics will help you get on the road quickly with their efficient automotive repair services. 

But there are certain things you should know before you approach any auto repair shop in 18938.

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What is Included in a Full Automotive Repair Service?

Actually, there isn’t a set of auto body service list which applies to all the cars. Auto repair servicing will vary depending on where you take your car, its condition, and so on.

Some auto repair shops categorize their services as interim, full, and major. 

1.Interim Services

Interim services include minor services like oil change, replacing the oil filter, checking the clutch, horn, gearbox operation, battery warning lights, etc. 

In this type of servicing mechanic will also top up the key engine fluids. 

These services should not cost you more than $100 but, if your car needs additional maintenance work, then you can expect to pay more. 

2. Full and Major Servicing

Full and major servicing can cost you anywhere between $150 to $300. 

Some garages charge you extra for the parts they replace while some will include it in the servicing cost.  

But remember before you give your vehicle always check what services they would be providing.

How Often Should You Service Your Car?

The servicing frequency depends on many factors like the miles you drive, the quality of road you travel on, and the how well you have maintained your car. 

Experts suggest servicing your car once a year or after every 12,000 miles. 

There are two maintenance services. One for cars that are used normally and the second one for the cars driven excessively. If you use your car heavily then get it serviced every six months.

Modern cars have an in-built servicing reminder system that flashes a warning light on the dashboard when it is time for servicing. 

If your car doesn’t have this facility, you can contact experts at A&G Customs who can advise you about the servicing requirement and provide you quotes regarding the same.

5 Signs That Your Car Needs Service

Every time it may not be possible to get your car serviced at regular intervals. How can you know if it’s time to service your car? Check for these signs.

1.Oil spots/greenish fluid under the car

If you have ever noticed oil spots in your garage or driveway, your car is losing the motor oil. The reason for it may be a loose oil filter or drain plug or some major problem in the engine.

Greenish fluid can be due to a loose hose or a cracked radiator. If you don’t fix this issue in time, your engine can be left permanently damaged by overheating. 

2.Squeaking Brakes

Squeaking brakes are an indication that the lifespan of the brake pads or brake hardware is about to exhaust and need replacement. Delaying the brake repair can prove costly in the long run.

A damaged brake rotor surface can emit a grinding sound. If the brake pads have worn out beyond the limit, it can make the other braking system parts to come in contact with the brake rotor.

3.Blinking Lights

Keeping a check on the engine lights will ensure the engine is running smoothly. Address blinking warning lights as soon as possible.

4.Roaring sound during driving

A roaring sound while changing the lanes is a sign of bad wheel bearing. Worn or deformed tires can also be one of the reasons of the roaring sound. This issue if overlooked can leave you stranded.

5. Louder Operation

A louder operation indicates a problem in the exhaust system. It can be a result of a disconnected pipe or a bad muffler or catalytic converter.

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Auto Body Repair Cost in New Hope

Technicians in A&G Customs recommend scheduling an appointment with auto repair shops to avoid substantial repairs down the line.

Skipping small repairs and regular maintenance can save money in short time. Delaying routine maintenance can lead to problems that would sky-rocket the repair cost. 

Factors that Determine Auto Repair Cost

The cost for auto body repair will depend on many factors. Some are: 

  • Make and model of the vehicle
  • The severity of the problem
  • Additional time required
  • The requirement of a specialized vehicle

Average auto repair cost falls between $500 and $600 but isn’t confined to these numbers only.  Services such as oil change can cost a minimum of $25 whereas services like a high-quality paint job, transmission replacement, suspension replacement can cost between $3,500 and $5,000.

A&G Customs provides estimates for auto repair costs. Also, we are reliable and don’t over-quote our services. We are a one-stop shop for all your automotive repair needs.

A&G Customs are licensed, insured, and bonded and provide the best auto repair service in New Hope.