Auto Repair: 7 Major Problems & Their Causes


]]>Safer America]]> reports that “58 percent of police-reported fatal car accidents involved only one vehicle.” 

This is a very simple yet intriguing report. What this actually means is that either 58 percent of the accidents are caused due to the driver being zoned out or the failure of a car.

And amongst these two, failure of the car is one thing that we can easily avoid. All we need to do is have a basic understanding of how a car functions, what are the major and minor repairs that need to be done, and what are their causes.

So here we have explained 9 car problems, that can be avoided with the right decision at the right time:

1. Timing belt

Timing Belt

Reason it is important: Replacement of timing belts do not cost much. So why is it such a significant repair? Well, because of the dependency of other critical components like camshaft, connecting rods, and the pistons on timing belts for their uninterrupted functionality.

Cause: These belts have to go through consistent wear and tear, and thus the frequent need for replacement.

2. Oil filter

Oil Filter

Reason it is important: A clean oil filter will make sure that the car components remain lubricated. As lubrication prolongs their overall lifespan by preventing any kind of excessive wear and tear. 

The oil filter also helps these components in keeping the corrosion away!

Cause: Due to inferior quality oil, the filter gets damaged much faster than expected.

3. Head Gasket

Head Gasket

Reason it is important: Similar to the timing belt, the head gasket is an inexpensive material. But when it blows, the damage can impact the engine, coolant, and all other surrounding parts to the least.

The majority of times, the blow causes a sudden flow of steam and overheating of the engine.

Cause: Overheating and preignition are two major causes of a blown head gasket. The timing of combustion is the main catalyst!

4. Airbags


Reason it is important: Airbags are your insurance plans. Yes, quite literally! When you’re zoned out while drive or doze off in the middle and lose concentration and something bad happens, these airbags act as insurance to your habits and protect you. They make sure that you remain healthy and sound. Hence, it is your responsibility to make sure that these airbags are in idle condition.

Cause: Although there are several things that can affect the performance of an airbag, like a seat belt, car seat position, or even battery. But the main two factors are the clock spring and the sensors. 

The sensor can stop working overtime due to any technical glitch and the clock spring can get worn in the same period.

5. Air Conditioning Compressor

Reason it is important: Failure of air conditioning compress can sometimes lead to the entire cooling system replacement. Hence, it is important to keep the compress in an ideal state. The compressor is subject to failure if handled without caution.

Cause: If you live in a hot & humid environment and every time you step out you’re compelled to use the cooling system at its maximum capacity, then there is a high chance that your AC compressor will get damaged. Breaking of valves and rods is another thing that needs to be monitored. 

6. Clutch Replacement

Clutch Replacement

Reason it is important: More often than not, clutches break. Either due to their rigorous use case or if they are already past their life-span. And they are one costly affair! But on top of being such a high maintenance component, upon their failure, they also damage the transmission. Hence the overall cost can go even higher.

Cause: Clutches wear out either after years of rigorous use or due to careless handling!

7. Car Battery Replacement

Car Battery Replacement

Reason it is important: A car battery is responsible for engine ignition. Modern cars have 12-volt acid batteries that can easily last up to 5 years. Sometimes even more, if the pattern of your use is right. But these batteries can easily start to malfunction if the vehicle is left untouched for a long time or you live in a very cold environment. Getting it worked up will be a nightmare and replacement will hit your wallet hard.

Cause: Ice cold environment is the worst enemy of an acid battery. Also, if you frequently go out of time for a long period and the vehicle is left untouched, the battery will be in a ‘cold state’. And upon reignition, it will make use of more resources to function and hence the overall lifespan will be reduced.

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