How To Avoid Towing Service Scammers?


Towing service in Doylestown is a helping hand for all vehicle owners who need it after an unfortunate accident, get a flat tire, or are stuck with their vehicle that's not moving ahead on the highway. 

It is a valuable service that legitimate businesses provide people, but there are many scammers out there. They operate with unethical business practices, have hidden charges, are not equipped with proper tools, and lack experience.

This post aims to guide you on how you can avoid fraudulent towing firms to protect yourself and your vehicle from such ongoing towing scams.

Growing Need To Choose The Right Towing Service

The vehicle structures are getting bigger on the road, and there is no doubt that even bigger vehicles are going to come into use. Engineers indeed come up with amazing creations. 

You can see as a few of these clever and powerfully engineered heavy vehicles come in handy to tow your cars. 

Towing each vehicle has its challenges and involves monumental proportions and weight. This aspect makes it essential to choose the perfect service for your car. It will make sure that they know what they are doing without damaging them in the transit.

There are a few questions that every customer has about towing service. Finding answers to these questions will help you finalize your towing service provider.

3 Popular Towing Scams

1. Unreasonable Charges

The most common scam is that towing companies work hand in hand with body shops. 

They make money for towing the damaged vehicles directly to those shops instead of driving to some other legal auto repair shops that will charge a reasonable amount from the customer. Many customers face this scam.

2. Parking On Private Property

In a few cases, the towing operators go ahead and park your car on private property like a parking lot. They don’t release your vehicle without you paying out the inflated service charges.

Parking violators are more likely to get caught in such scams than others. You need to be careful when dealing with such towing service providers as they trap you into paying a much higher amount. 

3. Unauthorized Company

Many people are scammed by unauthorized people with false papers and company names. They convince you with a persuasive speech to move your vehicle to their spot for repair work.

But it is an elaborate plan to get your car and never return it. Many fraudulent companies are practicing these unethical practices and scamming people.

5 Steps To Ensure You Stay Out Of The Clutches Of Scammers

The below steps will help you avoid getting scammed by unethical businesses running towing services. These tips can help you hire the right towing service provider.

1. Verify Credentials

You should always check the credentials of the towing company before you hire and entrust your vehicle to them. Many companies operate without proper paperwork, which implies they are not professionals and should not be trusted.

Check for the paperwork like license, insurance, and other paperwork to check out their credibility.

2. Don’t Take Body Shop Referrals

Do not ever take body shop references from your towing service provider, as they may be biased and guide you towards a body shop that may charge much higher than it needs to be. Not only this, but according to chapter 545 in Municipal Code, it is not legal for a towing company to refer body shops to their customers. 

If you need referrals, ask your family, friends, and neighbors. They can provide you proper referrals without any bias based on their personal experience. 

3. Get A Signed Agreement

You must always sign a contract agreement that includes all the details, like the kind of vehicle required, the number of operators needed, total service charges, etc. This will help you avoid heavy service charges.

It will also help you get rid of towing service providers that are scamming customers and get genuine help when you need it.

How To Identify Which Towing Service You Require?

4. Ratings & Reviews

Reviews are a must thing that you must check before opting for any service. It will help you choose the company that will properly help you out in the moment of need.

The ratings and reviews tell a true story and can also help you great their services. There are many portals and review sites where you can find feedbacks to shortlist a few towing service providers in your area. 

5. Company Websites

This is another aspect that you must always check out before finalizing your towing service provider. A website can tell you a lot about them and the range of services they provide with the level of expertise.

Many customers make the mistake of searching for towing service providers when they are needed. This can make you more vulnerable to get into the clutches of scammers. It is suggested to keep a list of shortlisted towing service providers in your area with their contact numbers at all times. It will help you contact them without wasting an extra minute to get help.

Where To Turn For Help When You Suspect Foul Play?

It is one question that many customers have after they are scammed so that they can report such instances.

Whenever you suspect your towing service provider is not genuine, do not wait for another moment and send an email to ]]>]]>.

It is an official website of the financial services commission of Ontario. You can also contact 1-800-668-0128. The above steps can help you spot red flags and avoid such instances.


It is important to be aware of the current towing scams, and it will help you avoid the well-set trap for trusting customers. 

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