I Skipped Automotive Repair For A Year - Here’s What Happened!


An average American spends anywhere between $500 and $800 per year for his/her car maintenance. (]]>Source]]>)

I took a look at my car’s manual and I learned that the recommended period for car maintenance was twice per year!

When I analyzed these stats, the first question that came to my mind was, “What if I avoid Automotive Repairs for 12 months altogether?”

Thus, I tried avoiding every major auto repair need for 12 months, just to satisfy my curiosity.

Here is what happened in the end...

Auto Repair Emergency

In the final month of my experiment, I drove my car to a meeting in Easton CityFrom the past 6 months, I was already feeling the difference in user experience between a well-maintained car and my ‘experimental’ one.

The 5-hour journey from Philadelphia was completed without any hiccups. But as I was about to cross the Doylestown County, the real trouble began.

The car started to stutter abruptly for almost 10 seconds before coming to a halt.

In my attempt to drive again, I tried restarting the car, but all I could hear was a misfiring engine.

A&G Customs To The Rescue

In my desperate attempt for help, I Googled ‘Auto Repair in Doylestown’ and A&G Customs was the first name that popped on my screen.

I dialed 215 669 3072 (from their website) and explained my situation.

Fortunately, they offer 24/7 emergency roadside assistance and towing services. Thus, they towed my vehicle to their service center and began a thorough inspection.

Car Components Needed To Be Changed

To be honest, I was expecting a car breakdown in the near future but not as big as this.

As I enquired about the auto repairs that the car was in dire need of, here are the 5 things that Glenn (A&G Customs Manager) enlisted :

1. Oil Filter

The oil filter was clogged with contaminants and debris and the only way to prevent it from affecting the engine parts any further was to change it.

From the past 6 months, there had been no oil change and because of that, there was a lot of friction between the engine parts.

The engine had already started to overheat from the past few months and recently dirty exhaust fumes were being emitted from the car.

2. Transmission Fluid

Contaminants and debris started to penetrate major engine components. 

Thus, changing gears seemed a tedious task with no lubricant and deteriorating transmission fluid.

When Glenn analyzed the fluid, an unusually darker color was seen. That was the first sign of the deteriorated transmission fluid and it needed to be replaced as soon as possible.

3. Exhaust System

Black exhaust smoke was seen after the engine ignition. Three reasons Glen explained for this problem were:

  • Rust
  • Clogged Fuel-line
  • Exhaust Leaks 

But this was not a sudden problem. I had been experiencing engine vibrations and less fuel efficiency since the last couple of months.

As I avoided automotive repairs for a year, engine components were carbonized and started to rust.

There was no lubrication and thus, the friction caused those components to deteriorate under pressure. 

4. Suspension

Suspension squeaks were pretty common and there was uneven pressure on the left tire. Taking turns was awkwardly uneven and the springs were damaged.

Also, excessive bouncing and swaying made the car disproportionately unstable.

All these signs clearly pointed out that the suspension needed to be changed.

5. Brakes 

The anti-lock braking system (ABS) light on my dashboard was on and the brake pedals were softened, which made a grinding noise when used.

Before they cause a major breakdown, car’s brake pads along with other parts needed to be changed.

To prevent unnecessary vibrations in the future, the installation of the anti-squeal compound is important on the back of the brake pads.

Happy Realization!

After this tiresome encounter, I decided to stop my experiment of not going for an automotive repair.

Also, a big shoutout to Glenn Ford from A&G Customs for providing an excellent service.

If anyone needs automotive repair in doylestown, I would highly recommend them.

You can also call them at 215-669-3072, if you’re in a crunch.