What's Best For Your Car: OEM Windshield Glass Or Non-OEM Windshield Glass


The most ignored aspect in auto repair in New Hope is the windshield, and without knowing the best option, many people invest in the wrong choice. The market is flooded with windshield glass replacement options. You can locate it at a local auto parts store or even purchase them online.

The only question is, which one is the best for your car: OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or Non-OEM? Of course, both the options have their pros and cons, but let's first look at why someone would choose one over the other. This blog post will help you take a look at both non-OEM and OEM windshield glass.

What Is An OEM Windshield Glass?

An OEM windshield is a glass that's identical to the original. So not only can you expect it to match your previous windshield in terms of thickness, color tint, and durability, but it also fits seamlessly into your car.

The quality control at an auto manufacturer's plant ensures all their parts are interchangeable, so there will be no need for modifications or special installation techniques.

What Is A Non-OEM Windshield Glass?

Non-OEM windshields are created by glass companies that have no affiliation with the original cark-makers. These windows are designed to fit your car but vary in thickness, color, and UV protection.

It's important to note they aren't approved by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), so you might want to check if any attachments will work before installing them on your vehicle.

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What Should Car Owners Consider?

Car owners are often left wondering what's best for their car when they need to replace broken windshield glass, like after an accident or vandalism incident. They may ask themselves, "should I buy OEM windshield glass?" 

First, car owners should understand how their choice will affect the overall cost they have to bear, the quality they want for the windshield, and its durability. Now, most people don't know that Non-OEM windshields, also known as aftermarket windshield glass, are manufactured differently from original ones. But, there's a good reason why they do so. You ask why? It is to avoid copyright infringement.

In doing so, what they produce is not the quality product you are seeking at a lower price value. Additionally, the non-OEM windshield isn't accepted under warranty claims and violates the repair requirements of many leasing contracts. Finally, it is common for non-OEM or aftermarket parts to have fit and finish problems like air leaks, water leaks, and stress cracks after installation.

Should I Get An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Or Non-OEM Windshield?

It's important to note that while non-OEM Auto Glass might save you money upfront, it costs more in the long run because it has a shorter life expectancy than the original windshield.

i) What Are The Benefits Of Using OEM Windshield Glass?

The benefits of using OEM windshield glass begin with the fact that it is factory-made to fit your particular year, model, and make of car. In addition, auto glass manufacturers spend a lot of time working together to create windshields designed to work seamlessly with specific vehicles.

Another benefit is that non-OEM Auto Glass can be somewhat unpredictable when it comes to quality control. However, auto repair shops have the right equipment and training necessary to ensure a high-quality installation. Still, some people may prefer going through an auto manufacturer's auto glass division because they know the product has been tested to meet their standards for fitment and performance.

ii) What Are The 4 Disadvantages Of Using Non-OEM Windshield Glass?

  1. Use of cheap materials to make a profit.
  2. Non-OEM windshield glass is often not as strong and can shatter easier than the original equipment.
  3. Non-OEM windshield glass doesn't always offer the same strength or durability as OEM provided by your car manufacturer.
  4. Non-OEM windshield glass may need more frequent replacement because it's less durable than the original equipment.

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