[Cars] Do You Deal With Small Rigid Body Stains? You Need To See This!


We are so worried about major engine repairs, we tend to forget about the small ones that need our attention such as body repair!

Hey, I am Peter, just another car enthusiast, who loves his Chevy Cruze more than anything in this world, well except for my family!

I do like to share my experiences with others… who knows one might actually benefit from my knowledge and any other person might turn out to be my next friend!

Just the other day while I was trying to park in a very hard spot, it suddenly came to my attention that I had scratched my car’s rear a little! Quite frankly, I cried a little that day! ..… just joking!

I realized that day that there are several places on my car where it could get a dent or a bird might poop over, all leading to terrible condition of my paint work!

That’s what we are going to discuss today! The several things that we do in a day that can destroy your car as you know it!

5 Ways To Ruin Your Car’s Paintwork

1. Pebbles

What is the most common thing you find on the road? Obviously, pebbles!

They are the one of the most horrible culprits in this mess, as they leave a lasting dent on your bonnet as well as on your bumper.

They carry themselves from your tires and sling shot towards your bonnet/bumper or in this case your lower door panel, which suffer a lot.

Dealing with stone pebbles is best carried out by a professional who knows how to restore the dent to its original shape, rather than making it even worse on our own!

2. Spots

Does your neighbor have a sprinkler? Do you own a sprinkler? Cause water spots are equally to be blamed for your irregular paintwork!

Water might not be the culprit for lasting damage but those small spots don’t look good either.

Use shampoo for such kind of non-rigid stains. You can search for car shampoo in the market that are specially designed to add shine to your vehicle.

After you’ve washed your car with shampoo, use proper wax and add a top layer to your paint job to protect it from future damage.

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3. Sunshine

That’s a problem that’s very obvious and affected to all! Given sunny climate in your region, you can expect heavy sunlight exposure!

Your car body paint tends to fade due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. Although, it’s a tough job to reverse such process.

Your only way to avoid exposure is to park your car in a safe garage and below a shed. Always look for a shady spot whenever possible.

4. Fingerprints 

Do the children in your neighborhood cause you trouble, like jump on your bonnet or use their untidy hands on your car, cause when they are having fun, you sure ain’t!

However small-a-issue it may seem to you but slowly it all gathers up and the shine that your car once had starts fading!

There’s a remedy for that as well - give your car the perfect wash while checking for any abrasions, then use prime quality polish to get rid of light marks.

Make sure to apply the polish in a circular motion to have uniform finish throughout your paint job

5. DIY Lemon Trick

This worked for me particularly, so you use lemons (quantity is dependent on the size of your car, whereas I used 4 lemons) to get rid of rigid stains.

Step I] Use water to wet the surface of the stain. Apply tamarind to lubricate the surface first. Then cut the lemon in half and start mildly spreading it across the stain.

Step II] Wait sometime, then use a left out toothbrush and start brushing until the stain completely disappears. Keep moisturising the surface with plain water so that the lemon doesn’t stick.

Step III] Wash the stain off with plain water.


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