Why did your Car Battery Run Down? Know the Reasons


Late for work and your engine refuses to start? 

It might take you a while to figure out, but your car battery could be dead! The battery forms the heart of the automotive electrical system. 

For enhanced performance, you must find a car battery repair near you.

After your car has ran for 36,000 miles or about 3 years after the warranty has expired you will start noticing changes in your car.

4 Warning Signs to Watch Out for

  1. Initially, your engine cranks, but it does not start.
  2. One day the car starts fine the very next day it refuses to start.
  3. You are jump-starting your car a lot regularly.
  4. There are no cranks or lights.

7 Ways You Are Wasting Your Battery and You Don’t Even Know It!

  1. After a hectic day, you leave the headlights on, and it completely drains out the battery overnight. 
  2. There might be loose connections, and the battery has not been charged properly.
  3. Your battery has lost the capacity to hold on to charge, in that case, you need to replace the battery.
  4. Cold weather is not good for your car battery. Car batteries take longer to recharge in cold weather, and the power outlet can see sudden drops.
  5. Excess use of heaters or wipers can also drain your battery
  6. If your battery is badly corroded, it'll probably need replacing
  7. Car batteries need time to recharge, but if the vehicle is continuously running, the battery is subjected to erosion.

4 Ways You Can Boost the Battery Life of your Car?

  1. Turn off all interior and exterior lights when exiting your vehicle.
  2. Unplug power adapters after use.
  3. You should test your car battery, with a battery tester.
  4. Contact auto care technicians near you for major issues.

How Long Does a Car Battery Last?

  • Car batteries on an average have a life expectancy of 3-4 years. 
  • This is subjective as per use if you use your battery for a lot of other accessories it will affect battery life. 
  • On the other hand, if you just use it for starting your car then it is likely to last long.
  • Ideally, it is safe to change batteries every 3.5 years before it starts giving trouble. 
  • The life of the battery is also dependent on other features such as alternator, starter or the solenoid. 
  • These should also be kept clean and free from corrosion to elongate battery life.

How Much can a Car Battery Cost?

  • The cost of a car batteries differs from model to model and which brand you opted. 
  • The basic costs can range between  $50 and $120 whereas the high-end batteries can cost about  $90 to $200.

If your car battery is showing signs of wear, you should visit a mechanic to avoid car breakdown in the middle of the road.

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