Your Classic Car Needs Restoration. But Where Do You Start?


"In our time..." - this is a phrase we’ve heard all too often.

Our grandparents reminisce their younger days and inevitably compare the cultural differences between the generations.

Whether it’s work, lifestyle or cars.

Their generation is known to be a bearer of quality goods.

It holds true given the fact that their cars still stand firm on the ground with minor issues that can be fixed quickly.

A classic car restoration shop is what you need to get them up and running.

But, wait, where do you begin?

How do you make sure which kind of restoration your car requires today?

5 Restoration Types and What Does it Mean for You

classic car restoration types

1. A Complete Restoration

It not only includes restoration of the parts that are seen, such as paint, chrome, trim, and more but also those which are not visible. 

For instance, engine and its compartments, frame or the chassis, driveline, trunk, brakes, electronic system, interior, etc. 

If your car's body is isolated from the frame, it is considered as ‘body-off’ or ‘ground-up’ restoration.

2. Body-off Restoration

It is not always desirable but is a result of an extreme condition. 

Is the rust or rot that bad? 

If your car has seen worse days in a colder climate where the roads are covered with salt, it may have a major frame rot. 

The proper way to inspect and repair frame rot is by removing the whole body from the underlying frame.

3 Reasons for a Body-off Restoration

  • A car with a good body and bad frame
  • A car with a bad body and good frame
  • A car with bad body bushings

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3. Body Rubber Bushing

Only at certain places, car bodies are attached to frames with rubber bushings. 

After a few years, these bushings become weak and brittle and start to break apart. 

This makes the car squeak, rattles and sag in specific areas.

You may even see worn body mounts by simply peeking under the car. 

You can lift the car body up with the help of four to five individual together to get a good look underneath.

The best way to lift a body off a frame is by using a two-post garage lift.

catalytic converters

With an ideal air/fuel ratio of 14.7, the catalytic converter is working at optimum efficiency. 

If the O2 sensors have been tampered or modified, it may malfunction, leading to engine failure and decreased fuel efficiency.

What Does a Blinking ‘Check Engine Light’ Indicate?

4. Mechanical Resurrection

Your classic car may have a very good exterior, but may lack in performance. 

That's when you need a mechanical restoration. 

5. Cosmetic Resurrection

Cosmetics repairs do not include mechanical or operational repairs, but defects that are visual, such as chips, rust, paint scratches, cracked windshield, etc. 

Cosmetic restoration includes complete bodywork and paint. 

Your car may have been through many seasons, so it may require major restoration.

Note: At times, the cost of restoration may be higher than the worth of your car.

Should I Keep It Original Or Personalize? 

You can choose to restore your classic car to its original make & build or choose to add your own flair to it. It’s completely your choice. 

But many enthusiasts suggest that classic cars shouldn’t land far from their original build as it takes away the whole purpose of owning one!

Everything, from the exhaust tailpipes to the gear stick to the chrome fenders at the front and back, needs to be the way it was as the car stepped off on the production line.

But here’s the problem, many times you might have either lost a particular component of the car to an accident or a minor crash on the road and classic parts are hard to find even for those who know the right contacts.

In such a scenario, you either call an expert such as A&G Customs who have been professionals in dealing with such issues for the past many years or either make do with fabricated parts.

That’s where personalization takes control and you can choose to mix and match the way it suits your personality!

Your classic car awaits your attention and it ain’t doing any good rotting in your garage!

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