What are Some Common Car Troubles, Causes and Solutions?


If you own a car, you probably already know that they experience little hiccups and need a checkup every other time.

So the next time when your car starts acting up in the middle of a road or you face any minor issues, do not panic!

7 common issues that your car may face, their causes and solutions

1. Fading Dye

Reason: Improper initial application of solvent and its evaporation before time


Check the cooling temperature and reason for the strained flow of air during application of the colorant.

Also, check for any imperfections (faded dye) properly. Are they on the whole unit or in a specific area only? Try and see if the solvent (dye) is not a fast reactor.

2. Tire Wears Out

Reason: Irregular servicing of tires or rash use.


To maintain the grip on any road, you need to know that uneven tires can be quite dangerous.

You can prevent this by paying a regular visit to an auto repair service near you in Doylestown or nearby areas. You’ll also need to align your tires regularly.

This will make sure that the tires don’t wear out unevenly.

The frequency of getting your tires checked and wheel alignment depends on the type of vehicle and the tires.

3. Engine Gets Overheated

Reason: Various reasons like a non-functioning thermostat, failed water pump, antifreeze flush, high or low voltage supply and so on. But the basic ones are issues related to coolant and radiator fan.


Depleted coolant can cause huge problems. So ensure that the coolant is topped up at all times.

Radiator fan cools down the temperature of your engine. If it isn't performing well, then visit an auto repair shop to have it looked at.

4. Problem with Wipers

Reason: Damaged wiper rubber.


It is always better to replace your windscreen wipers. Do it before it rains in Doylestown though!

The blades of wipers are manufactured with rubbers. They get hard and brittle in winters, which are followed by hot summers.

This can affect the wiping edges, damaging the rims and windscreen.You can use sandpaper and rub it on the sides of your blade.

This will even out the imperfections. But don't over do it because that can damage the wipers.

5. Noisy Brakes

Reason: Parts of brakes can be loose, worn out or a presence of accumulated dust in the drums.


Brakes are challenging to deal with. It is always better to leave this job to the auto repair service professionals near you.

This is because if you do not find a solution for the collected dust, it might be dangerous if inhaled.

6. Lights Out

Reason: Presence of water particles in the interiors of lights, age of your lights and a dead battery.


If you want to solve this problem all by yourself, you first need to find out the type of lights of your vehicle. If you have a basic model, you don't need to use ultra premium ones. You’ll simply need to unplug the old with a new one.

At times, the plastic covering can be a bother. But you can always get professional help.

7. Car Not Running Smoothly

Reason: Improper lubrication.


Ideally, you need to change the oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles based on the age of your vehicle.

Oiling your car on time will help by maintaining the engine lubrication, promoting car longevity as well as improving the gas mileage.

Before you lubricate your car, you need to know the type of oil, oil filter, location of oil pan bolt and the amount of oil your car can hold.

If you are still confused about dealing with any car problems, you can always book an appointment with A&G Customs. We will solve all your queries and fix any issues that you may be facing. Contact us on 215 669 3072.