What to Ask Before Restoring Your Classic Car?


Most auto body repair shops in Doylestown will offer classic car restoration services like painting, detailing, upholstery & interior work, electrical work and much more.

As a vintage car owner, you certainly want what's best for your car.

If you’re looking to restore it, there could be certain doubts and questions in your mind.

So we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions that we were asked.

6 Questions You Need To Ask Before Restoring Your Classic Car

Q: Is it possible to determine the car's condition just by looking at it?

A: No, it’s not possible to know what ‘under-the-hood’ issues your car may have until and unless we dismantle the car.

Climatic conditions, storage area and how the vehicle was treated when running are some of the factors that determine the condition of the vehicle.

There are too many internal components involved to know the condition of the car for sure, only by visually inspecting it.

Q: Does the entire restoration need to be done at the same time?

A: Not necessarily. Because of the huge amount of money involved in the restoration process, many people decide to do their restoration in phases.

Most people try to get the car in a drivable condition first, before working on the exterior and the interior.

Q: Can I get an exact restoration quote from the auto body repair shop?

A: Most auto body repair shop provide their customers with a ballpark figure on any kind of restoration, but an exact quote is unobtainable.

This is because there is no way of knowing what kind of issues may arise while restoring it.

Hence, we also usually prefer giving an estimated cost.

Q: Will there be a return on my investment with the restoration?

A: It’s almost next to impossible to buy a vintage car, correctly restore it, and then sell it for more than you have already spent on restoring it.

This is because not all classic cars have ROI running into millions.

For some, restoring a classic car is more of a hobby and a passion than making money off it.

Q: How to choose the best restoration shop?

A: Choosing a restoration shop depends on the experience and expertise of the auto body repair shop with the type and model of your car.

The best way to do this is to do a bit of research as well as asking around at car shows or local car clubs.

#Quick Tip
Be cautious of repair shops that ask for a huge deposit before they start working on your car.

Q: How long does the restoration process take?

A: A classic car restoration is a meticulous and detail-oriented job. It requires ample amount of patience.

Every car needs a specific way of doing restoration, so be prepared to be in this for the long haul.

There may also be unexpected downtime involved that can delay the whole process.

Sometimes the process can take over a year to complete.

So being patient is the key here.

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