DIY Tips for Auto Body Repair


Do you have a dent or a small scratch on the side of your car body that you are tired of seeing every day?

If yes, then you definitely need a visit to your nearest auto body repair shop to get it fixed.

Accidents could happen any day; you could bump your own shopping cart in your car, or someone else could ram their car into yours while parking or something, whatever the case may be, ultimately you are the one who is going to get it fixed, right?

Coming to the repair part, there are different types of auto body repair for various types of damage.

But mostly, people face the problem of rust and dents and visit an auto body repair in Doylestown to get it fixed.

Now, mechanics in the auto shop have all the necessary equipment and skill set to handle such situations, but if you want to DIY the repair work, you would need to have a lot of patience and the appropriate tools for the job.

In this post, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about doing a DIY auto body repair job for the issues as mentioned above.

Though we firmly recommend that you visit a good auto body repair shop and get the problem fixed by professionals.

4 Steps to Fix any Dent on your Car

1. How to begin with

The first step - get rid of the rust. Use a sander gently to remove the rust from the car surface. To get a smooth finish, make sure to sand some of the areas around the rust too.

Be very patient and gentle while sanding the rust off your vehicle. Any kind of hurry or carelessness can further damage your vehicle.

In case there is a dent in the car body, make sure to clear the rust around the dented area before you start working on it. This will make your work area clean and easy to work.

2. Tips to handle small dents

If the dent is smaller, you are in luck as you won’t have to make much effort in fixing it. Just a small amount of body filler or spot putty will do the job for you.

These items can be easily purchased from any Doylestown auto body repair shop. Just make sure to apply the product in small quantity and even layers, and follow the instructions on the back of the pack.

Once the product has dried out, you’d need to finish the surface again by sanding it with an 80 grit sandpaper, followed by 180 grit sandpaper.

3. Tips to handle bigger dents

Unfortunately, if the dent is bigger, a filler or putty won't be sufficient. Major dents need to be reshaped first.

This can be done with a hammer or dolly technique. Sometimes, you might need to remove certain parts of the vehicle to make the dented area more accessible.

Make sure that you use the hammer or dolly softly on the surface to prevent further damage. Once the dent is fixed, then you can follow the steps as mentioned above to use a putty or filler on the surface.

4. Final step - Repaint

After the dents and rust are taken care of, the only thing left is to repaint the surface and make it shine like new again.

Repainting requires the right color paint, a paint spray equipment, and safety gear.

Be sure that you get the right kind and right color of paint to repaint your vehicle; otherwise, the newly painted area would look awkward after the paint has dried up.

A spray gun is needed to paint cars because it helps in distributing the paint uniformly over the surface and make the paint job look more professional.

Now, coming to the safety equipment part, goggles, gas mask, and rubber gloves are required during a paint-job because the harmful fumes and chemicals in the paint could land you up in the hospital, if not handled carefully.

Remember that your vehicle can be replaced, but your life is much more precious.

So, when it comes to auto body repair, be very careful and take all the necessary precautions, because there are a lot of tools, machines, and chemicals involved in the task which could prove to be fatal if they are not handled properly.

All the good auto body repair shops have car experts with years of experience and exceptional skills, and they can take care of these problems without much hassle.

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