Doylestown Auto Repair: Top 16 FAQs Answered


Do you have a lot of questions related to Doylestown auto repair but don’t know where to find the answers? Check this list of FAQs we prepared based on our experience with thousands of customers, and thorough research.

Note- These questions are in no particular order, but we have made a numbered list for easy access.

Answering 16 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Auto Repairs

  1. How do I know that my car needs repair or a tune up?

    The obvious sign is when your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road and refuses to start. The signs that your car needs a tune-up may include decreased mileage; engine light turned on, or that your vehicle has passed a certain mileage (check your owner’s manual to know the limit after which you must take your car for a tune-up). Also, read a detailed post on signs that your vehicle needs repair.

  2. If the 'check engine light' is on and I still drive my car, would I cause additional damage to it?

    Understand that the light comes on when one of the many electronic components and sensors fails. They may not cause a major harm under immediate situations, but you must take your car for maintenance as soon as possible.

  3. How often should I change the oil?

    It depends on the type of oil. Regular oil =  change after every 3000 miles. Synthetic oil = change after every 5000 miles. Always check the oil once every month. If you fail to do so, the engine will start heating up to dangerously high temperatures within just a few minutes of driving depending on how much delay you have allowed. Also, don’t forget to replace the oil filter along with the engine oil, else you will risk mixing of old oil with the fresh one.

  4. What do I do if my car starts overheating?

    Stop driving. Pull it off the road, call a towing service (A&G Customs also provide emergency towing services) and take it to a repair shop.

  5. Should I switch to synthetic motor oils?

    If you reside in an area within extreme climates (hot or cold) or use your vehicle for towing, it will be a profitable investment to switch to synthetic oils. They are a bit expensive but are ideal for your vehicle. If you can afford the cost, go for them.

  6. How often should I change the anti-freeze fluids?

    Do them after 2-3 years or after every 30,000 miles.

  7. How often should I change the wiper blades?

    It depends on your use of the vehicle. If you take your car out every day, you must get them replaced twice a year. If you don’t take out your car that often, once a year would be fine. Fact: Do you know windshield wipers were invented much after the cars came into use? They were invented by a woman who had a hard time convincing car manufacturers that wipers are actually necessary for a vehicle. Read more facts about automotive car repair.

  8. How to keep my car’s warranty valid?

    Maintain a record - maintenance, tune-ups, dates, parts replaced or repaired, mileage recorded during those times.

  9. What are the primary causes of tire damage?

    They include improper inflation and excessive delay in rotating the tires.

  10. How often should I rotate the tires?

    Do it during every second oil change or after 6000 miles.

  11. Do I need to pay for the maintenance of a leased vehicle?

    Yes. You’re responsible for that.

  12. Should I replace the timing belt at regular intervals?

    Yes. If you fail to do that, it’ll damage your engine. Replacing an engine or repairing it is much costlier than replacing the timing belt.

  13. What do I do if my brakes are making weird noises?

    Immediately, take it to one of the best Doylestown auto repair service providers - A&G Customs.

  14. What about the other replaceable parts?

    How do I know when to replace such parts? Check your owner’s manual. It has every information you need. Secret tip: Most of the answers here can also be verified by referring to your owner’s manual.

  15. What if I need repairs other than the regular maintenance?

    Can I take my car to any other auto repair service in Doylestown (or anywhere you live) than the authorized dealer? Although the choice of where to get your car repaired is yours, if the part in question is under warranty, you must take it to the authorized dealer only.

  16. I am having warranty related issues with my dealership. What do I do?

    Call the customer service of your car manufacturer. Just like A&G Customs auto repair service, car makers also strive for 100% customer satisfaction. They can help you out.

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