Share These 7 Driving Safety Tips With Your Son/Daughter For Their First Car


While on the road, it’s only a matter of seconds that can determine your fate and that of others on the road.

So, it’s very important to follow road safety protocols, whether you’re driving alone or with passengers. Today, we have more distractions than ever including social media, text notifications, rash drivers on the road, and many more…

And when it’s time to give your kid his/her very first car, it’s your duty to guide them on the road safety rules first.

It’s not only for them but for you as well. It’s crucial to refresh our basic knowledge about driving safety because we can never be too secure! Practice them when you’re on the road and share it with your teenage kids!

Also, guide them on how to keep their first car in optimum condition using our auto body repair services in Montgomeryville.

7 Driving Safety Tips To Share With Your Loved Ones  

1. Always Wear Your Seat Belt

What people fail to understand is that seat belts are to be worn not only for long distances but for short distances as well.

We need to make it a habit to wear our seat belts whenever we get into a car. Seat belt usage in passenger vehicles saved an estimated 14,955 lives in 2017. ]]>Source]]>

Seat belts work in a fashion that distributes forces from an accident or crash across the chest and pelvis towards the strong areas of your body. A seat belt determines the difference between getting a few bruises versus you flying out the window!

Seat belts are thus a must, whether you’re going near or far, slow or fast. 

2. Perform Simple Safety Checks

A basic inspection involves checking your car’s headlights, turn signals, and backlights. Ensure that all of them are fairly visible from a distance.

Also, check the reading of your tire pressure and make sure you maintain the recommended pressure. 

There may be times when you don’t realize any loose objects hanging out from your car. It might be a leak or something worse. Take a look at your car the next time you plan to step outdoors.

3. Don’t Drive Under Influence

I think this point is self-explanatory but I’m going to mention it anyway. Don’t Drink & Drive!

You’re putting yourself as well as others in danger with such an attitude. You have no right to put some kid’s life in danger who’s just crossing the road when you pass by!

There are serious penalties for even first-time offenders, so make sure you’re in your senses when you’re behind the wheel!

Penalties include

  • Going to jail
  • Car impound
  • Revoked license

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4. Respect Others Right of Way

It happens that you may get in trouble not because of yourself but due to some other notorious guy on the road.

If you spot a vehicle in a hurry, don’t obstinate and yield the right of way even when you’re on the right path.

When the other driver is bullying you to move, do not block the way as it may increase the tension between both the drivers leading to something worse!

Always remember, when it comes to driving, reaching your destination is far more important than how fast you reach there.

5. Drive “Defensively”

Driving defensively is the term used to follow all road safety rules as well as playing it smartly to avoid any trouble!

Be aware of cars around you and be ready to expect the unexpected. For example, be ready to see something completely crazy on the road, so that you’re ready to avoid it.

Keep enough distance between your car and the car in the front, to avoid unnecessary accidents.

6. Don’t Get Carried Away With Your Phone

Drivers aren’t allowed to use phones at all while driving. The visual and cognitive distractions lead to unsafe driving. 

Stay away from mobile phones when you’re driving. You may be driving from the last 17 years but no amount of experience can save you when you’re aren’t mentally present on the road.

If you do need to use the phone, stop your car safely aside and then attend your call!

It’s very important to share this pointer with your sons and daughters, as they are more prone to using social media and answering calls while driving!

7. Call For Professional Help When Needed

Everyone talks about how to stay safe while driving but if unfortunately you meet with an accident or crash straight into a wall, that’s when you need to call for a professional.

If your front bumper is out of shape due to a straight crash into the wall or if your mirrors have completely detached from your car body or if your windshield is cracked, you need to fix it ASAP!

It’s equally unsafe to drive a damaged car as it is to drive without fastening your seatbelt. You can definitely not drive with your bumper hanging from your car nor can without mirrors as you’ll need them to see past your normal driving sight. 

Thus, halting wherever you are and calling for professional auto repair help before hitting the road again is mandatory. 

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