5 Common Signs That Your Car’s Electrical System Is Faulty


Electrical components account for 8.2% of total component defects in America! (Source: ]]>Statista]]>)

A single point error in auto car maintenance leads to horrible accidents. 

Faulty electrical system calls for optimum automotive repair in Doylestown!

Most modern cars are reliant on electrical programmable systems to function.

Battery and alternator control many of the internal parts of your car. 

If these components begin to fail, you are in trouble! 

However, it is easy to diagnose such issues and get it repaired in no time from the experts at A&G Customs.

5 Signs That Your Car’s Electrical Components are Failing

1. Battery Problems

Don’t go replacing your battery every time you are stuck with ‘battery problems.’ 

Take a look at the surrounding circuits/electrical system to see if there is any loose contact that has triggered the fault.

The issue can also lie with your alternator, where your car’s electrical system does much of the work.

If you still think your battery is at fault, then start checking for corrosion. 

Also, check if they are fitted properly. 

If your car still doesn’t start, consider an automotive repair in Doylestown!

If your battery is in great shape, then your issue lies elsewhere. 

Take your car to the nearest automotive shop in Doylestown.

2. Blown Fuse

Fuses are designed to prevent short circuit and overvoltage. 

Your car’s fuse box breaks the circuit while protecting vulnerable electronic components of your car.

Sometimes, a fuse may blow out of nowhere, for no reason! 

In such case, simply replacing the fuse is all you can do. 

But if you keep replacing blown out fuses repeatedly, then you are in a deeper pit than usual.

If you find yourself replacing more fuses than you should in a short time, then there is likely an electrical fault leading to fuse blow-outs.

3. Facing Issues While Engine Cranking

An engine requires electrical power to boost start. 

The battery is responsible to provide the necessary spark required to ignite the fuel present in your engine.

Failure while engine cranking is a result of poor battery performance, alternator issue or some other minor electrical problem.

When you hear a ‘clicking’ sound when turning the key and attempting to start your car, it means there isn’t enough current flow in the system to engage.

Usually, it’s blamed on the battery, but your starter can also be the culprit here. 

If you hear a ‘grinding’ noise during engine cranking, this is because of bad starter response, or faulty ring gear.

If your car is older with a high mileage output, then there is a good chance that there is a fault in the electrical system. 

Rush to your nearest automotive repair shop in Doylestown.

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4. Issues With Headlights and Other Lights

Electrical systems are primarily known for lights (both interior & exterior). 

Brake lights, turn signals, headlights are all part of an interconnected system, which keeps you safe on the road.

Various lights start to dim once your electrical system raises a few red flags. 

Malfunctions and low voltage are a result of such failures.

The culprit here is a dying battery, alternator belt failure or even loose wires.

Corrosion of electrical components is another issue leading to faulty lights or even dim lights. 

Unless you are equipped with a handy voltmeter, you’d probably won’t be able to diagnose it yourself.

Safety is everyone’s first priority! 

Show your car to your nearest automotive repair shop in Doylestown.

5. Melting Electrical Insulation or Burning Plastic

Stop driving immediately if you smell burning rubber or plastic, or any kind of material used for insulation.

As rubber or plastic are bad conductors of electricity, they are used extensively near electrical system components. 

But sometimes due to electrical failure, such materials tend to catch fire and start melting leading to a breach in the engine area.

This is a sure sign of electrical failure and you shouldn’t wait for any second longer.

Call your trusted automotive repair shop to help you out ASAP!

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Don’t wait for things to get fixed on their own because they won’t!

Electrical systems get worse with time and can lead to dangerous outcomes.

Keep yourself within safe boundaries on the road as well as when the car is idle.

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