5 Ways To Keep Your Engine Working Fine At All Times


What you see above is the ]]>most common vehicle component breakdown]]> over the last two decades in the US.

The majority of us don’t spend much time thinking about our engines, that’s where our car problems originate from!

So, we’ve picked up some DIY pointers to help you fix some major problems even before they originate.

5 Ways To Keep Your Engine In Optimum Condition

1. Work With Cooling System

It includes your radiator, water pump, thermostat and the coolant. It’s important to protect your engine from overheating. 

The easiest way to overcome heating issues is to have enough amount of coolant running through your engine.

The coolant (radiator fluid) is released when the thermostat determines the engine needs cooling immediately.

The water pump plays a crucial role in sending the coolant from the radiator to the engine and also back out to the radiator to cool down.

Make sure that the coolant level is above the minimum level by taking a look at your coolant tank. It’s a clear tank with colored liquid in it.

2. Is It Leaking? 

It’s obvious that you have to look out for leaks. You don’t need any expertise to watch out for leaks. It’s simple, you spot one, you deal with it!

We are here to tell you that sometimes just searching for leaks with your eyes isn’t enough, you have to be alert with your smell as well!

Two main fluids which you have to make sure aren’t leaking are oil and antifreeze. Parts held together by rubber hoses under intense heat can leak fluids your engine requires.

Many such sealing agents can break down, allowing oil and other fluid to flow into the wrong areas of the engine.

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3. Talking About Belts

Your car belt is responsible for running the fan, alternator, water pump and many more components of your car.

Thus, proper functioning of belts is very important. They are built to last long but eventually everything breaks down, so be alert when they start showing signs of wear.

Early damage identification can help you recover soon and you wouldn’t have to worry about the belt breaking down in the middle of the road.

Check your belts for any visible cracks! A spinning belt may indicate immediate replacement. Ensure your belts are in their perfect condition!

4. Fuel Filter

Fuel filters help you protect your engine from harmful particles or debris. It catches dirt particles and stores it in a canister.

You do need to keep replacing your old fuel filter with a new one every once in a while. It helps keep your engine running smooth all the time.

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5. Regular Oil Change

This goes without saying! I have seen many people dismiss the idea of regular oil change and their cars have lost the charm they once had!

They make horrible noise with increasing throttle. You definitely don’t want that to happen to your ride, do you?

Oil provides lubrication to your engine components. It also helps with overheating. If you don’t change your oil, you’ll find yourself with a permanent engine failure.

You can choose to change your oil after every 4000 - 5000 miles. 


Engine needs regular care and check up every now and then. If you skip maintenance, you’re sure to face some trouble on the road.

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