9 Frequently Asked Questions About Towing Services In Holland (And Their Answers)


Auto repair & towing services are two unique aspects that require trial & error methodology to find a suitable service provider. But there is another way to get the job done right on the first attempt.

And it’s by asking the right questions!

Although towing services in Holland, PA, or any other city for that matter, need a lot of boxes to be ticked to get that towing service job done right, you as a customer deserve that top-notch service in that first instance. 

You deserve something that’s best in the town and has some extra perks that no other towing service provider offers.

But to get that you need to offer lots of questions. Questions that may seem silly, irrelevant, and too simple; yet they should be answered as details lie in small questions.

So what are the questions that you need to ask? Well, we have compiled a list of questions that other happy customers ask before choosing an auto service company.

1. How does towing service work?

The details will differ with respect to different service providers, but the gist will remain the same.

Well, the process is really simple. Whenever you need roadside assistance, you give us a call. The towing company will ask for procedural questions and accept your request.

They will send the nearest assistance providers to the location and tow your vehicle.This is how the process works & you should expect answers on these similar lines.

2. Is the towing process hard on the vehicle?

Another critical question. A good towing company will say. “Well, not at all. There are various types of towing services available to suit your needs. Whether you need a low towing service or a flat-belt one, that is all taken care of with ease.

Your needs are heard with patience and the right solution is recommended. If the problem needs special attention then a specified team of technicians is sent to sort it out.”

3. Is the towing service available at night and during the weekend?

Not all towing services provide this facility. But A&G Customs offers 24 hours towing services in Holland, PA, without any disruption.

All you need to do is give a call to 215 669 3072 and we will be available at your disposal.

4. Can the towing service be scheduled?

This question should be on your list. A well-established service provider will answer you something on these lines, “Absolutely! Towing service is available at your convenience. There will be no point in providing this service if not for the feature of scheduling.

So be assured that this is all taken care of”.

5. What areas do you serve?

This is one thing that you should always take into consideration and ask a towing service provider. A single company cannot cover all the possible areas. Hence, make sure that you have a clear understanding of what area comes under a particular towing company.

Ex: A&G Customs providers towing services in Doylestown, Holland, New Hope, Buckingham, Plumsteadville, Warminster, Warrington, Chalfont, Solebury, Pipersville, Montgomery County, Newtown, and Bucks County.

6. Can a lowered car be towed?

This is a special case and if you fall under this category, then you have no other choice but to get it clear beforehand. 

A towing company has to provide a low bed towing vehicle to get you rid of your problem.This can also be done with a conventional towing vehicle.

7. Can the towing service unlock the car?

There may come a time when this will be required. And for that, you need to be well prepared. Get this question answered as soon as you face a situation of this caliber.

Be as specific as possible!

8. Do you provide any other services?

One of the most important questions. Most of the time, when you go for a towing service, you will need auto & automotive repair services. And in that case, if the same company provides all the services, then you’re less likely to spend extra money.

So ask this question to save a good amount of money.

Eg: A&G Customs provides automotive repair services like sheet metal repair, engine rebuilding, custom metalwork, paint repair, transmission repair, interior work, classic modifications, and exhaust system repairs. In auto repair, we deal with oil change, brake service, electrical work, alignment services, and auto body repair.

With close to all the services available at your disposal, you won’t have to worry about spending any extra minute away from your car than required.

The job will be done with ease and all in one place! 

9. What’s the best way to contact?

Well, giving a call is one of the best and fastest ways to contact a towing service company. But it is always better to ask just in case!

A&G Customs can be contacted via phone, email, or our contact page. All of them work flawlessly without any disruption.