Got A Flat Tire! Here's What You Need To Do


Did you ever experience a flat tire ever in the past? But, then, you know it's such an inconvenience. Imagine having a perfect day out in your car but getting a flat tire and not knowing what to do being stuck on the road. Well, here's the first thing you should stop driving!

The tire will have internal structural damage if you continue to drive with a flat tire might also lead to vehicle or wheel damage. Additionally, you can get in an accident with poor vehicle control and handling. 

Without wasting any of your time, connect with A&G Customs towing service in Doylestown. They are experts at handling situations like this and saving you from a horrible situation or getting into severe damage. Below are some of the things this post spells out for you to do in a similar situation:

Check Why's There A Flat Tire

You should check the cause of the flat tire so that you can take precautions in the future to avoid it altogether.

Several reasons cause a flat tire. The common reasons for the flat tire are valve system damage, puncture, excessive wear & tear, tire failure, separation of rim & tire, tire blowout due to under-inflation of the tire, etc. 

However, you can't avoid a few reasons for a flat tire. But, you can prevent tire failure or puncture due to the reasons mentioned above by maintaining your car.

How To Know If It's A Flat Tire?

It's essential to miss out on a flat tire most of the time.

The typical signs to know if you have got a flat tire are facing issues like accelerating, hearing a leaking or popping sound, sense dragging from the car's affected side, delayed, inaccurate handling when you change lanes, going around turning or curves, etc.

If you feel or detect any issues, instantly pull over and check the tires for signs of a puncture or damage.

How To Avoid Towing Service Scammers?

What Do You Need To Do?

Ensure that there isn't traffic around before changing tires to avoid accidents. Next, secure a safe place to park, turn on your hazard lights, and prepare for the next step. 

Once at a safe spot, change the tire, begin working quickly but carefully not to damage anything or yourself while doing this job. You will need a jack and tool to fit your car's type of lug nuts to change your tire. You also need a tire wrench used to remove tires from their wheels. The last but the most important thing is a spare tire. 

If you need help changing your tire, don't hesitate to call A&G Customs! We provide our services anywhere within Doylestown's area, so there is no question about where we will be coming to tow and repair it.

Other Warning Issues That Means You Need To Pullover

Whether you're driving to work or just running an errand, your car must be in top condition. But what if something goes wrong? However, ensure you don't miss out on the signs indicating something is wrong with either the engine or another significant component that might worsen the situation and cause an accident.

Steam Or Smoke

It means that something is wrong if you see steam coming out of your car. The most likely cause for this is an issue with the cooling system due to overheating or malfunctioning of the valve or hose, causing costly damage and potentially leading to an engine breakdown if left unchecked.

It's crucial to know about the signs that your car may have a problem. Smoke might also indicate there's an issue with its engine, maybe even one from burning wires or other components in place, and if you see any sign at all, pull over right away as this could indicate a fire.

Loud Or Suspicious Noises

If you hear strange, loud noises coming from your car and are not just an engine or exhaust system issue, there could be some severe problems. It may seem tempting to try ignoring it, but if ignored, they will only get worse, so the best thing is to pull over right away.

When you notice something stuck in your car's engine, pull over right away and check for yourself. If it turns out that it isn't significant but just debris caught under the hood - then rest assured and remove it. However, if it seems serious, it's best to call for roadside assistance.

Final Thoughts

It's crucial to pull over and address the issue if you experience any of these warning signs while driving. Also, connect with A&G Custom's towing service in Doylestown in case of a flat tire. Avoiding a problem with your car can lead to much more significant and expensive issues down the road. 

Stay safe on the roads by staying aware of these standard warning signals. Connect with us today!