Guide to Sanitize & Securely Drive Your Car Amid COVID-19


At A&G Customs, we are devoted to the well-being and safety of drivers amid COVID-19.
We want to make drivers aware of how to sanitize and drive safely during this pandemic. 

Why Do You Need to Disinfect The Interior Of Your Car During the Pandemic?

It is, in fact, crucial for you to disinfect your vehicle's interior. 

This will assist in slowing down and limiting the spread of the virus. 

As per the CDC, there has been evidence proving that the infectious virus COVID-19 persists longer on numerous surfaces. 

You will have a lower risk of getting infected if you disinfect your car's interiors after you travel or before traveling. 

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Know The Difference Between Sanitizing & Cleaning a Car's Surfaces?

Both might seem to be the same, but in actuality, they are different. 

To efficiently counter the spread of Coronavirus, you require to clean as well as disinfect the vehicle surfaces.

As per the CDC, cleaning comprises removing dirt, germs, and other impurities on the surfaces. 

Cleaning can only rid the vehicle of dirt and make it look shiny but does not eradicate germs. 

It might reduce the germ's quantity on the surface. However, disinfecting the vehicle with a disinfectant or sanitizer or chemicals will eradicate the virus or germs on the surface. 

Thus, by applying a disinfectant to a surface after cleaning, you can further reduce the risk of spreading germs that result in an infection.

Can the COVID-19 Damage My Vehicle?

The virus tends to sustain on various surfaces for a longer time than you might expect. 

The virus will, however, not damage the car in any manner. 

Although, you need to be careful before touching the surfaces, so you do not get infected with COVID-19.

Hence, the car surfaces must be disinfected before using them until the virus passes away.

How Should You Sanitize The Interior Of A Car During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Before you begin to clean the vehicle, you should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. 

In case soap is unavailable, it is recommended by the CDC to use a hand sanitizer with a minimum of 60% alcohol.

Rub your hands until the sanitizer dries off after its application.

You should also bear in mind that Coronavirus is not visible to the naked eye but could be present on the surface. 

It is advised to wash your hands frequently throughout the pandemic to reduce your chance of infection.

Choose Right Supplies Of Cleaning

Soap with water is  suitable to safely clean your vehicle effectively to eliminate the virus from the surfaces.

There are a variety of cleaners and soaps you can choose from.

Please keep in mind to select cleaners that do not have detergents as this can damage the interior of your vehicle. 

You also can get disinfectant wipes to sanitize the surfaces. In case you have leather seats, make use of a leather conditioner to avoid damage.

To clean the touchscreen, you should wipe it with a microfibre cloth and not the disinfectant wipes.

Do not use any cleaning supplies that have hydrogen peroxide or bleach. These chemicals might eradicate the virus but will damage the plastic or vinyl surfaces. 

Also, do not go for cleaners with ammonia for the interiors of the car. Ammonia might damage the vinyl, making it sticky when exposed to light and heat. 

Try to avoid the use of glass cleaners on touch screens in the vehicle as it can damage the coating of anti-glare. 

Surfaces Of High Priority To Be Sanitized

The surfaces you need to sanitize on high priority are gear shift, dashboard, steering wheel, armrests, cup holders, touch screens, start button, seats, sun visor, door handles, display screens, air conditioner vents, and center consoles.

It would be best if you sanitized these surfaces daily for better results and optimal safety.

Withdraw From Over Scrubbing 

It would help if you scrubbed as deep as required to disinfect the surfaces but mind that you can damage the interior. 

Guarantee that the disinfectant will penetrate the surfaces to cleanse it but do not scrub it hard to damage it. 

Get Your Hands Washed After Cleaning

After sanitizing your vehicle, you must wash your hands immediately. 

You should follow the CDC regulations on how to wash hands and proceed to do so until the pandemic persists. 

Should You Drive During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

You can drive during the pandemic but only for essential services for your safety.

It can be for groceries, medical supplies, picking-up food through a driveway, pet check-up, taking care of a family member, and auto-body repairs. 

Also, keep in mind that the longer you stay away from the road, the more you are slowing down the spread. 

Tips You Need To Follow To Drive Safely During The Pandemic 

Obey All Traffic Rules While Driving

There would be very few drivers on the road during this pandemic.

However, you don't have to drive faster than usual and follow the speed limit.

You also need to follow other cautions while taking turns and practicing driving rules. 

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Evade Pit Stops

If you are traveling for a long distance, then carry your snacks and drinks for the way.

This will avoid you from stopping on the way to pick something to eat or drink and lessen the chances of contracting the infection, effectively.

Also, ensure that your car has enough fuel for your travel and, if not, get it refueled. 

After this, you should always clean and disinfect your hands properly.

Moreover, it would be best if you wiped the gas pump handle thoroughly.

You should also disinfect the surfaces like the gas cap, car handles, gas pump, and other surfaces with wipes. 

Follow Social Distancing

Always maintain the distance of at least 6 feet when you are at the gas station, store, or even on a car trip. 

As per the ]]>CDC]]>, people can contract the disease in close proximity to an infected person, so it's better to maintain safe distance. 

The practice of social distancing can lower the chances of getting infected. 


At A&G Customs, we assist the drivers to remain safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

In case you get into an accident or need improvements during this time, we will help you. 

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When you come to our outlet, we will first disinfect and clean your vehicle and its surfaces. Then all our associates will disinfect their hands with soap and water before repairing your vehicle.

The entire process is repeated when the repair is completed. 

Our auto body repair shops are open, but it is advised to call before making an appointment for your own safety.