How to Know When You Need an Auto Repair Service


People could save a lot of money on unnecessary auto repairs, if only they had the basic knowledge about the working of our cars, and did regular maintenance.

Auto repair service is a flourishing business in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

And like most other parts of the counter, people here are also less knowledgeable about the mechanics of their vehicles, and hence, they need an auto repair service to check their vehicle, whenever they run into some trouble.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to go to a mechanic ONLY when there’s something wrong with your car.

Regular maintenance and check-ups are also necessary to avoid many serious problems.

So, how would you know when it’s time to get your car to a Doylestown auto repair expert for minor troubles?

Our cars, these days, are like mini computers on wheels, and there are a whole lot of things that can go wrong and can negatively affect the performance, reliability, and safety of the vehicle.

Hence, this post aims to aware and educate an average car owner about some common car problems and how to recognize them, before they develop into serious, expensive-to-repair car disasters.

6 Things that can go Wrong with your Car

1. Vibrations

It doesn't matter if you’re driving a small car or a huge truck, if it is producing vibrations, it’s a bad sign.

All types of vibrations are bad, but some of them could be more dangerous and cause extensive damage to the vehicle.

Thus, if you ever feel your car is producing any vibrations, take it to a good auto repair in Doylestown and get it checked by an expert.

Know about most common causes of vibration

2. Tire Damage

Sometimes, hitting a pothole, even at very low speed, can damage the steel reinforcing bands in the tire sidewall or tread, causing the tire to deform.

This deformation disturbs the overall balance of the wheel, and hence, the vehicle, which can result in a fatal accident anytime.

3. Drive Shaft Damage

In rear wheel drive cars, the most common causes of vibration are related to the drive shaft.

Drive shafts are made of thin-walled steel tubes, and even the slightest damage to the shaft or the universal joint can disturb its working and cause vibrations in the vehicle.

The vibration can be felt on the gear lever, steering wheel, foot boards, etc., depending upon the degree of damage to the shaft.

These vibrations can damage the differential system, transmission system, and in some cases even suspension components of the vehicle.

4. Braking Vibration

Sometimes, vibrations also occur when you apply brakes. Now, these vibrations may or may not be caused due to brakes.

Vibrations related to brake are mostly caused by warped, cracked or damaged brake discs. The severity of vibrations tends to increase as the brakes warm up.

On the other hand, vibration not related to brakes are mostly caused by wheel bearings, steering components, suspension components, misaligned wheels, etc.

The exact causes of vibration due to braking differ from vehicle to vehicle, due to design variations.

However, it’s crucial to get your car checked immediately if you ever feel any vibrations.

Failing to do so, can cause damage to other car components and can also result in various mechanical system failures and severe accidents.

5. Electrical Issues

It’s true that most of the electrical issues are difficult to trace and resolve if you don’t know what is wrong exactly.

But, It’s also true that many such electrical problems are just caused by defective batteries.

Since all electrical malfunctions will not trigger a warning light, it gets even harder to identify the cause of the malfunction.

Take an example of a car security system. In certain cases, the system might trigger the warning light, indicating that the system has malfunctioned.

But, that doesn’t mean it is the truth. In many such cases, the security system is perfectly fine, and the warning light is the result of a defective battery.

Now, in such cases, just replacing the battery could be the easiest fix. But many mechanics ignore the battery, and ultimately you end up paying for the unnecessary repair of the system.

The best way to avoid many such electrical problems is to make sure that you have the correct battery installed in your car, and you must get that battery checked at least three times in a year and keep it in the best condition.

6. Overheating Issues

Engine overheating is the most usual cause of roadside breakdowns, and the primary cause of engine overheating is the degradation of the anti-freezing agent in the coolant.

Anti-freeze lowers the boiling point of the water, and at the same time, raises the freezing point. But, its effects start to diminish after a year of usage, which causes the engine to overheat and corrode from inside.

Hence, the easiest fix id to change the coolant of your vehicle once every year.

In all cases, the level of coolant or the composition of the coolant mixture is not the culprit. In some cases, the failure of the thermostat, which controls the circulation of coolant, could also be the reason.

Therefore, if you notice any abnormal change in the temperature gauge, immediately visit your nearby Doylestown auto repair shop, and get it checked.

We certainly hope that after reading this article, you would be more educated about your car, than you were before reading it.

Use this knowledge to recognize the small unusual changes in your car, which can develop into serious problems in the future, and get them checked as soon as possible.

Many mechanics are often under this impression that the owner doesn't know anything about the car, and they can say and do whatever they like and charge however the, please.

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