7 DIY Steps To Clean Fuel Injectors


]]>Fuel efficiency]]> in a vehicle is achieved by fuel injectors.

They are often termed as ‘non-wearing’ items.

It is so strong that they are the only part of the car that remains intact until it becomes unfit for drives.

However, they are also vulnerable to damage.

You can end up with a bad fuel injector due to clogging!

The symptoms of a clogged injector are when you start to experience misfires in your engine, lack of power and leaking fuel.

Experts recommend cleaning the fuel injectors with a injector cleaner every 25,000 to 30,000 miles.

Therefore, it is better to get the fuel injectors checked routinely.

If you find any problems, then you’ll need to choose an auto repair shop to clean them for you.

However, if you aren’t a total noob and have experience and knowledge of the engine, then you can do the job yourself without removing the injectors.

Here’s how you can do it...

7 Steps To Clean Your Fuel Injectors Without Removal

Materials You Require

  • Fuel injector cleaning kit that’s compatible with your engine.
  • Cleaning solvent recommended for your cleaning kit.

Step 1

You’ll have to connect the engine’s fuel port to the cleaning kit.

To do this in a proper manner, check the user’s manual that comes with the kit.

This is because connection designs vary in all cleaning kits.

Step 2

Make sure you disable the fuel pump and the fuel is returned to the gas tank.

You can do this by plugging the return fuel line or a U-tube can also be inserted.

It is very common for your CPU to show error code when you disable your pump, you can always clear the codes later.

Step 3

Connect the cleaning kit to the fuel port after you have disconnected the pressure regulator.

Turn on the ignition to check that your engine doesn’t turn over.

Step 4

To make sure there’s no pressure building up in the system, remove the fuel cap from the gas tank.

Step 5

The compressed air hose needs to be attached to the cleaning kit.

Check the service manual to check for the right fuel pressure for your vehicle.

Open the valve of the kit until it matches your car’s required fuel pressure.

Step 6

Start the engine and let it run for 15 to 20 minutes.

This will ensure that the cleaning solvent passes through the injectors.

Once the solvent is used up, you can shut off the engine.

Step 7

The last step is to reverse all the above steps.

Disconnect the kit, activate the fuel pump and the fuel generator.

After you have done everything, turn on your car again and check for any noises.

If you hear a clicking sound that means your fuel injectors are working perfectly.


These steps aren’t advised for beginners. People who are well equipped with the engine and its functioning should move forward with the above-given steps.

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