How To Extend The Life Of Your Brakes


Keeping your vehicle's brakes in perfect condition is perhaps the most critical maintenance job for keeping yourself and your vehicle protected and safe on the way. Your vehicle's brake components won't last forever, but at least taking a few necessary measures and maintenance will enhance the performance of your brakes.

The chances of your safety get reduced if your vehicle has a faulty brake system. It can also cause issues in case of unexpected situations. Working brakes are fundamental for being careful out and about and might be the contrast between life and passing.

In this blog, our experts from A& G Customs will assist you with a couple of practices to expand the life of your brakes.

Let's get started with the tips-

1. Speed Is The Enemy

When it comes to, slowing down full stand-stills from a high velocity is the #1 reason for untimely brake cushion wear. Speed causes wear on brake cushions that reach a full prevent from 65 mph compared to 50 mph powers the brakes to scatter 33% more energy.

Brake cushions work by changing energy into heat which implies they become broken down more rapidly the more energy they need to scatter. When you slow down only a tad bit, you can save a lot of mileage on your brake cushions.

2. Never "Two-Foot" Your Pedals

The Driver's Ed 101 - yet you ought to keep away from "two-balance" your pedals. This is a persistent vice when you do not tap your brake pedal with your left foot while keeping your right foot on the gas pedal. It prompts more brake taps which don't effectively stop your vehicle and cause untimely wear.

3. Coast More Often

Think about focusing closer on the progression of traffic, halted or dialed back vehicles that are in front of you, and coast at whatever point you can to bring down your speed - rather than slowing down. .

Going uphill is an incredible illustration of this. If you're driving uphill towards halted vehicles, what is the point of slowing down before you peak the slope? Essentially coast up, and lose some speed, then, at that point, break as needs are.

Or, on the other hand, on the off chance that you're going on a road exit ramp simply coast from 60 mph to 45 mph, and afterward press the brakes to dial back the remainder of the way. Doing so will genuinely expand the lifetime of your brake cushions.

4. Try not to "Pick up the pace To Pause

This counsel will assist you with saving money on gas, as well as on brake mileage. Is there a red light or a stop sign coming up? Begin drifting and dialing back!

There is no obvious explanation to hurry up and "pick up the pace to stop" when the vehicles in front of you are not moving. All you'll do is squander fuel - and when you need to stop, you'll put

5. Keep Your Car As Light

Many people don't keep heavy items in their vehicle on the off chance that you will generally retain a ton of stuff in your car that weight can add up - and lead to a heavy motor burden than your brake cushions should end when you stop.

Secondary selling sound systems, body boards, wheels, and other customizations can make your car a lot heavier - can cause more limited brake cushion life.

6. Flush Your Brakes Every 2 Years

Your brakes ought to be drained and flushed about at regular intervals. It assists your brakes with working all the more actually and makes your inward parts work longer.

It's because brake liquid draws in water. During a crisis slowing down or rehashed brake use, this dampness can "bubble", decreasing slowing down adequacy. Dankness can likewise cause internal erosion, diminishing the life expectancy of brake parts like elastic seals.


The braking system in your vehicle is perhaps the most utilized and most significant framework to keep up with because defective brakes are an extreme issue that can cause harm to property and even death toll.

Now that you have a list of practices, you can use these and extend the life of your brakes

When you visit A&G Customs for auto repair Doylestown service, our technicians won't simply do the maintenance with that we also investigate your vehicle to decide on the right parts and maintenance for the greatest execution. With our mechanics on your side, you will look further into your vehicle and how to appropriately focus on it to give it the longest life expectancy.