How To Remove Abrasions and Scratches from Your Car?


Abrasions, scratches or any other kind of imperfections can’t be avoided by you or your car. 

However, ]]>a good auto repair shop can make a big change]]> and there are certain ways you can fix it!

The options for paint repair are many, from simple tinted waxes, as-seen-on-tv miracle pens to multistage treatment, which match the exact color of your car.

So, to help you decide whether you should opt for DIY car scratch removers or professional help, here are some factors you should consider.

3 Factors to Help You Choose DIY Methods or Professional Auto Repair for Removing Car Abrasions and Scratches

1.  How Deep is the Scar on Your Car?

  • Mild Scratches

This is the very first question you need to ask yourself when you look for a way to remove your scratch.

Most modern cars have a clear coat to protect the paint and seal it.

If the scratch is light, it will most likely damage just clearcoat and the top layer of the paint.

This can be fixed easily with scratch removers like TO-Cut and Autoglym.

  • Light Scratches

Scratches that are deeper that cut their way into the paint need a more precise repair that involves a paint job i.e. reapplying the paint.

You can buy scratch remover paint kits to do this job.

But you can’t be certain about the finish as it won’t be that same as a professional auto repair.

  • Deep Scratches

The third scenario is when the metal beneath the paint is visible.

This is something that can’t be fixed on your own.

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2. Can You Match the Paint Color on Your Own?

This is probably one of your first questions!

This is because there’s a huge range of paints, tones, and finishes available.

You need to ensure that the color that you choose is an exact match.

So, how do you know what color is used on your car?

This is probably the easiest part.

The factory paint code is on a metal panel that’s located inside the car which will tell you the exact paint and tone.

However, there can be differences in the finish as it may be slightly different.

If you’re not too sure, find an auto repair shop close to you.

3. How to Use a Car Scratch Remover?

If you really want to do it on your own, then here’s a quick guide for removing deeper scratches that need paint repair.

You need to be very cautious while using DIY scratch remover liquids, kits or pens.

The results are good while using them on light-to-medium scratches.

However, it is advised to get help from a pro for deeper scratches! 

If you’d like to attempt it on your own, here’s what you need to do.

5 Steps to Remove Car Scratches on Your Own

Step 1 : Pre-Clean

Clean the area around the scratch before getting started.

This is because If dirt is left behind, it can be mixed with the paint.

Therefore, wash your car with soap and water and also use white spirit to remove any oils or wax on your vehicle.

Let it dry well and then remove any trim, lights or plastic materials.

Step 2 : Apply Primer

Apply the primer or paint over the scratch very carefully.

You need to get as much as liquid possible into the groove, leaving a little overlap with respect to its surroundings.

Don’t apply a thick layer if the scar is deep.

You need to keep it thin so that it can dry easily.

Apply a second thin layer only after the first one dries up.

Step 3 : Wait for Paint to Dry

Let the paint dry and harden - this usually happens overnight.

Use a very fine wet piece of 1200 grit and dry sandpaper to sand down the area.

Soak the sandpaper to avoid it from scratching the paintwork again.

You have to aim at getting the paintwork in line with the scratch level.

Make sure the surface is not uneven.

The painted area can lose its shine while sanding. Don’t worry this is supposed to happen!

Step 4 : Clean

Clean the area very well with a dry rag.

To bring the shine back, blend the repainted area using cutting polish or a rubbing compound.

If you put any excess solution, just wipe it out.

Step 5 : Protect

You need to protect the repair work you do in your car.

Scratch remover kits have a clear protective lacquer which you are supposed to apply in the end.

This seals the paintwork and replaces the clear coat protection you removed.

As you apply the protective layer of lacquer, allow it to dry and then apply a thin second coat.

You need patience and a steady hand when you are using these tips. 

When Should You Call an Expert Instead of Using a Scratch Remover?

  1. When the scratches are deep or multiple.
  2. If you aren’t confident about using the repair kit all by yourself.
  3. Repair kits can be expensive and difficult to use to get the finish that you need.
  4. If you haven’t done it before and are a total noob.

The above reasons are sufficient to call in a pro who will do the repair work for you. 

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