How To Identify Which Towing Service You Require?


Every vehicle owner had to call for towing services. 

Vehicles can incur any issue due to which they can stop abruptly anywhere. 

Contacting the right towing service provider, and the fitting service suitable for your vehicle is vital. 

It will assure hassle-free service and no further damage to the vehicle. You can find a reliable towing service in Holland in your general vicinity after thorough research.

During these testing times of COVID-19, this service has become more vital. As only essential services are running currently, towing services are among them. 

Here are some tips on how you can tow your car safely during coronavirus.

Majorly there are distinct types of towing services, including the quality of service. 

Every service has its benefits and disadvantages, making you the best judge of which service you require. 

Know Which Kind Of Towing Service Is For You

The important aspect you need to consider before contacting the towing service is vehicle safety. 

Never settle on quality services at cheap prices.

There are a few measures that you should take when you need to tow. Know what to expect from tow car operators.  

Mostly all towing service providers are available for 24 hours, allowing you to choose the fitting service from a trusted company. 

You only need to research before choosing the service you need as per the vehicle you own. The same goes for selecting a service provider.  

Here are a few insights to help you choose the correct towing service for your vehicle. 

1. Flatbed Towing

It is a secure and dependable option for towing your vehicle for short and long distances. This service is for most cars like antique collections, sports cars, mini trucks, SUVs, utility trucks, and others.

2. Wheel Lift Towing

This service is ideal for vehicles weighing less than 10,000 lbs. It is more affordable than a flatbed service and is secured as well.

3. Medium Duty Towing

This service is ideal for vehicles weighing more than 10,000 lbs. These services also include towing trucks.

4. Heavy Duty Towing

This service provides comprehensive and varied solutions for large vehicles like tanks, lorries, etc. It merely lifts them off the ground then suspends them in the air with safety.

5. Motorcycle Towing

This service is dedicated mainly to tow motorcycles. These bikes are luxurious, and companies assure safe and reliable towing. 

Nowadays, few companies also provide towing services for RVs.

Can An Automatic Car Be Towed In Neutral?

It is a common question that most people have.

The question is vital as towing an automatic car in neutral will damage the transmission. 

There is a way to do without damaging the transmission by disconnecting the driveshaft.

After this, you can use a dolly. You can even use a tow bar for the front-wheel drive. But you will have to detach the front axle. 

When you are done towing, to continue the drive twists the axle. 

How To Tow A Front-Wheel-Drive Car?

The better mode for towing is car carrier trailers as they keep four-wheelers above the ground.

Although car carrier trailers are not available everywhere, there are other affordable options. 

The standard choice is tow dollies as they don't require added equipment. 

It is an excellent option for companies with low towing ability. 


It is tiresome work to look for a reliable & efficient towing company to fulfil your vehicle necessities. 

A&G Customs understands your issues and tries to provide comprehensive and adaptable solutions fitting your towing requirements. 

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