What Are The Signs Of A Failing Or A Bad Idle Air Control Valve?


Are you facing issues with your idle air control valve? If yes, then this is a must-read article for you!

Often this issue stems from a clogged or failing idle air control valve. But luckily for the garage greasers, it can help easily access, service, or replace it.

The nearby shop of auto repairs in Holland can take care of this issue without much hassle.

How Should An Idle Air Control Valve Behave When Driving Your Car?

  • It should run in a consistent line smoothly when your car warms up to the standard operating temperature.
  • It should not resemble a look like in an architectural plan for a roller coaster.
  • If your idle is displaying nervous quibbling, it indicates there is a problem that you need to address.

3 Common Questions Answered For Idle Air Control Valve

1. What Is Idle In Your Car?

The car engine speed operating without any throttle inputs is the idle speed.

You can spot the idle speed in RPM (revolutions per minute) on the tachometer in the gauge cluster dashboard.

The car is idling when you are in a park and start the vehicle.

2. What Is The Standard Idle Speed?

The general car can idle around in the range of 500 to 1000 RPM. It depends on the type of vehicle.

It may even begin at a higher RPM of 100 to 300 more before dropping to the standard operating speed. You can find this info in your user manual.

However, high-performing cars have higher idles, and the same goes for motorcycles that have an idle range from 2500 to 4000 RPM.

3. What Is an Idle Air Control Valve & Where Is It Located? 

It is a device or valve that closes and opens to release air into the engine. In many cars, this component may not be termed as idle air control valves.

This part is accountable for controlling air to maintain a steady idle speed. It basically serves as a throttle body plate bypass.

You can generally find it placed connected to the throttle body.

Should You Replace The Engine Or Buy A New Car?

2 Basic Issues Of Idle Air Control Valve 

There are two basic problems that you may face with an idle air control valve, which are clogging and failing.

Each of these issues requires your skillful wrenching hand to fix it. 

1. Failing

When the valve is no longer receiving an electrical signal or unable to function, it indicates that the idle air control valve solenoid has failed.

It will become an impediment in starting the car when the solenoid fails, which will cause the seals to wear down. 

2. Clogged

There is a possibility that contaminants can enter the valve chamber in an idle air control valve due to the in and out airflow.

Such contaminants or particles can jam, clog, or damage the internal parts and even cause improper valve function.

4 Signs Of Bad or Clogged Idle Air Control Valve

Many indications suggest that your car's idle air control valve is failing.

However, know that these are general signs and give you an idea but not a 100% diagnosis.

Even when you check, replace, or clean, the problems might persist due to other engine issues.

1. Facing Trouble In Starting The Car

In case the engine doesn't get enough air, it may not start or will have a problem getting started.

It is one of the signs that the idle air control valve isn't working properly.

2. Rough/Poor Idling

When your engine begins to sound like dying, revving, or glugging, it can be due to the inconsistent air source.

It is also an indication that you get your idle air control valve checked.

3. Car Starts & Dies

In case your car is starting and then dying, it might be because the air is dying out.

The valve may operate in particular cycles, causing the airflow issue and providing air only for periodic cycles.

4. Backfiring

If the engine does not have a sufficient air supply for an adequate air-to-fuel mixture ratio and some fuel may be left after the spark.  

This fuel then makes it's through the system and causes a backfire.

What Are The Basics Of Idle Air Control Valve Replacement?

The replacement basics comprise the estimated time you need, the skill level, and the vehicle system.

  • Time You May Require: 30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Level Of Skill: Beginner
  • System Of Vehicle: Engine

1. What Do You Need For Safe Idle Air Control Valve Replacement?

It is messy and dangerous to work on a car to ensure that you walk the same way you came in the garage.

You will need safety glasses and mechanic gloves. 

2. What You Will Need To Replace the Idle Air Control Valve?

We are not snooping in your garage or toolbox, but here is precisely what you need to get the work done.

(i) List Of Tools

  • Ratchet or wrench set
  • Flathead screwdriver or scraping device 
  • Screwdriver, if necessary

(ii) New List Of Parts

  • New gasket

  • New idle air control valve

You must organize your gears and tools so that everything is within reach to save your precious time. Especially don't let your children pass you the tools or bring you blowtorch or sandpaper.

You will require a flat surface like a driveway, street, or garage floor with proper ventilation.

Also, check out the local laws to ensure that you are not violating any rules when using the street.

8 Simple Steps To Change The Idle Air Control Valve

  1. Open the hood after the car is cooled down and find the idle air control valve.
  2. Remove the parts that are getting in the way of accessing the idle air control valve.
  3. After you access it, then unplug the electrical connector.
  4. Then remove the idle air control valve
  5. Also, remove the gasket to make sure there is no gunk left.
  6. Place the new idle air control valve & gasket, and bolt them.
  7. Don't forget to attach it to the electrical connector. 
  8. Place all the removed parts back in place.

Get Help From Auto Repair Shop

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