Disc Brakes Maintenance Is Vital To Avoid Auto Repair In Doylestown


One of the most common auto repairs in Doylestown is disc brake service. There are several ways to maintain your brakes and prolong their life even when the disc brake replacement or service is unavoidable. Adequate brake maintenance is a simple task.

This post discusses the helpful tips and ways to extend the life of your braids longer and save unnecessary trips to the auto repair shop. You can identify when you require maintenance and what are the different kinds of brake services a professional car mechanic can perform.

How Do Disc Brakes Operate?

It is vital to understand how the disc brake operates before we go into further details on how to maintain it. Most drivers or car owners are familiar with the part of the car they use when braking the vehicle, which is the pedal. However, you are using several components that work together simultaneously when using this function.

The braking system comprises a master cylinder, wheel cylinders, pistons, the pedal, rotors, pads, flexible hoses, and metal tubes vital to moving the required liquids. Mostly, modern cars have sensors to alert the car owner if the brakes are worn out or need to pay attention to the ABS system.

You should instantly feel the brakes working when you press the pedal. This is because the hydraulic fluid within the brake lines pressurizes as you press down on that pedal that engages the piston to push the pads onto the rotor.

You can create more pressure in the brake lines by pressing the brake pedal hard. This results in the pistons pushing the pads against the router firmly. The hydraulic fluid pressure Rises when you remove your foot from the pedal, and the pads retract a few millimeters within the calipers.

How To Maintain Disc Brakes?

It's relatable that many car owners are uncomfortable performing brake replacement or repair by themselves. At A&G Customs, we suggest not to work on this by yourself as you aren’t equipped with the tools, experience, or knowledge to perform it.

Several modern cars have sensors that require to be recalibrated by an expert mechanic to ensure that it's working adequately after the service. That's said, there are several steps you can take to prolong the life of your brake and save future expenses on repair or maintenance.

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3 Vital Aspects You Need To Consider For Disc Brake Maintenance

Stop Slamming On The Brakes

There are brakes for you to drive securely on the road. It includes avoiding sudden collisions, and at times abrupt braking is inevitable. Still, you must step on the brake lightly and come to a rolling stop.

You risk the warping of your disc brakes if you frequently engage in abrupt braking. This will expedite the wear and tear on other related components in the braking system. Unfortunately, it also adversely affects the driving performance and the car's comfort.

Brake Fluid Is Important

The brake fluid plays an extensive part in bringing your vehicle to a halt. The brake fluid needs frequent replacement as it doesn't last forever. This fluid absorbs the water present in the air when you are driving, including the gunk build-up. A few car manufacturers also include this service in the scheduled maintenance, and others mention the particular mileage. It's best to check your owner's manual as a rule of thumb.

It isn't unusual that you are tempted to reach out for the premium brake fluid to enhance the vehicle performance when dealing with your brakes, the vital safety system of your car. Maintaining the clean fluid in the brake system is more crucial than choosing the premium variant for car owners. Special brake fluids are available in the market for more grave situations for track driving and commonly don't benefit the standard car owners.

Pay Attention To Brake Noises

Your brakes make funny noises, indicating they aren't in their best conditions. You hear squealing or hissing noises when pressing the brake pedal. The brake makes hissing noises when your vehicle is running on low brake fluid. Ensure that you drive cautiously and monitor the brake's response time. It's best to replace it as soon as possible.

Most car owners are familiar with the squealing noise of the brakes. Your brake pads are accountable for halting your vehicle by getting pressed against the rotor. The brake pads get worn out over time and require replacement to function optimally. It's vital to replace the brake pads when the friction material reaches the lowest thickness of about 3 mm. The squealing noise suggests or warns you that the brake pads need replacement. A metal tab starts to rub slightly against the rotor when exposed after the wear and tear of the pads to alert the drivers.

Final Thoughts

Adequate brake maintenance can help car drivers be safe on the road. It also saves them from sudden auto repairs in Doylestown. Don't wait for brake repair and maintenance of your brakes if you suspect an issue.

You can visit your local and reliable auto repair shops, like A&G Customs, for brake pad replacement before the calipers begin to contact the rotors. Quick driving damages the brake drums or discs, leading to expensive repairs. 

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