We Bet You Didn’t Know This Trick To Increasing Your Gas Mileage


Your version of cost effective mileage control scheme might end up doing more harm to your car than save that last precious buck!

Moving to a smaller car that has a better mileage is another point you might’ve considered a while ago. But, let me tell you that fuel mileage doesn’t depend on your engine and car size completely!

Your fuel economy depends more on how you drive it rather than what you’re driving!

You already have to take care of the maintenance costs every several months and there are those unexpected auto repairs!

Yes, we’ve prepared 10 tips to improve your gas mileage and probably save a few bucks along the way.

8 Tips To Increase Your Car Mileage & Save Money!

1. Don’t ‘Pedal To The Medal’

You have just come out watching Fast & Furious, and what do you do? Race everyone on the road!

As funny as it may seem, you’re already losing as you’re burning money when you pedal. You may have a gigantic engine that goes from 0 - 60 mph in less than 5 seconds but is it worth on the public road?

Driving economically is the way to keep a track on mileage. Also, don’t apply brakes at the very last moment when turning. Apply your brakes steadily so that you take help from the momentum to make that run rather than accelerating.

2. Transmission Control

To save fuel, shifting gears early is a well known fact! Revving your engine isn’t going to do any good for you or the engine.

Most drivers don’t know when to downshift and end up revving the engine during speedbrakers or when going uphill.

Take control of the stick to save fuel and keep your engine health good for the long term.

3. Lower Your Drag

Unless you trek and require storage space for your accessories, avoid having a roof rack that might make your car look very cool but hinder your mileage count!

The more weight you add on your car, the more is your aerodynamic drag and it equally lowers your fuel mileage.

Yes, You Can Damage Your Transmission. Here’s How!

4. Tire Air Pressure

The benefits of having the correct tire air pressure helps ensure better car handling, comfortable drive and it definitely helps increase your car mileage.

Under inflated tires lead to friction and you lose quality momentum resulting in more consumption of fuel for the same distance!

Some people have been known to over inflate their tires by a few PSI as they believe it helps make the side walls firm but it can also blow out your tires and we don’t recommend it!

5. Aerodynamic Nature of Your Car

It might seem very impractical but it makes sense scientifically. Keep your windows closed!

Aerodynamics plays a very crucial role in determining your mileage count. Disrupting your aerodynamic nature of your car by lowering your windows leads to having to use more power to cut through the air.

6. Turn off Your Engine

If you’re stopping at the lights for more than 30 seconds, turn off your engine. It surely helps gain better mileage for long rides!

If it's anything less than 30 seconds, don’t turn off your engine as it takes a considerable amount of fuel to start your engine.

7. Better Motor Oil

Heard those aftermarket car oil commercials saying increased performance, better fuel mileage? While some deliver on those promises, others might not as they’re not specific to your car.

Your car manufacturer has tested the engine on several oil types that work best for your car. Try to stick to the oil recommended by your manufacturer as it provides better fuel economy.

8. Servicing On Time

Yes, it may seem repetitive that we always focus more on servicing your car on time but that is the ultimate truth that you have to agree.

All machines need proper maintenance. Let me tell you that amongst all the above pointers mentioned, auto repair and servicing in Doylestown by A&G Customs proves to be the best solution of all!


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