Things to Know Before Taking Your Car to an Auto Body Repair Shop


Car accidents are unfortunate incidents that can happen to anyone.

It can occur due to a massive billboard distracting you, phone calls or lack of sleep.

But even minor accidents can result in heavy damage to the outside of your car.

Fender bends and scratches on the door are most common damages that can happen.

If the damage is not severe, it can be fixed by a collision center which is a type of repair shop that specializes in repairing cars and truck body damage.

The damage can be small dents or scratches, caused due to hail or a collision. But when the damage is severe, the car is taken to an auto body repair shop. The shop will do some steps and procedures to get the car fixed.

4 Things to Know About Auto Body Repairs

1. Estimation

The first step that a shop does is to do an estimate of the damage to the car body.

A collision repair technician usually conducts this estimation.

The estimate will include every type of damage to the car and different methods that will be used to fix them.

It normally includes everything from getting the scratches fixed, replacing the parts where needed and then repainting the car.

It will also cover the cost of the parts required and the labor charges.

2. Insurance cover

The estimated quote is provided to the customer and the Insurance company.

Most times the repair shop handles all the negotiations with the Insurance company and try working out everything as soon as possible.

As soon as the repair shop gets the confirmation from the customer and the insurance company, they begin their work on the car.

3. Locating right auto parts

According to the damage done to the car, the next step is to locate parts that are needed.

Finding the right auto parts is sometimes very difficult.

To find the right part the shop looks around in junkyards first.

If it couldn't find the right part, the shop then looks around in other cars accessories providers.

This is only done when the parts needed are rather large or expensive.

If they can not find used parts, they order them through distributors.

Dependent on the dent, size or location, shops decide whether to replace the part or do simple techniques like sanding and then filling to cover the minor scratches or dents.

4. The Final Step

This is when the auto body repair shop starts doing the actual work on the car.

They fill start first by replacing the parts that need to be removed.

They will then go on filling in minor dents and scrapes or taking them out.

Repair shops use body fillers to which is ideal for this job.

After this, the spot of the dent is sanded and then later a primer is applied to the patch.

Depending on the location, the car is then either completely painted over or just the patch.

Auto body repair shops have state of the art tools and use techniques to great matching painting and finishing jobs on the car.

Finding an auto repair shop in Doylestown that returns your car in a brand new state is hard to find indeed. 

Based on the above points, the next time you take your damaged car to a body repair shop make sure the repair shop follows all these points to get the best service done by the repair shop.