Why Does Your Car Jerk When Shifting Gears?


Wondering why your car jerk or shakes?

It might be a sign of transmission problems.

If the transmission is working fine, then you will experience a smooth ride with gear shifts.

But if there is a hard shift or jerk while changing shift with an automatic transmission then it may be due to low transmission fluid. Or you need to change the transmission fluid.

There can be several issues with a manual transmission like worn clutches, gear synchros damage, etc.

6 Alarming Signs You Need a Transmission Repair

1. Smelling Burning Fluid 

Be cautious if you smell something like burning rubber!

Incredibly hot transmission fluid has a sharp and acrid smell. It doesn't smell like burning oil.

Here are a few indications that you need to look out for burning transmission:

  • Leak dripping on the hot engine
  • Dirty fluid you need to drain or replace

You can damage your transmission if you don't change the oil.

You might be facing transmission fluid contamination with an old car.

Yes, You Can Damage Your Transmission. Here’s How!

2. Sounds In Neutral

Suspecting an issue with your transmission? Then put your transmission to test by placing your car in neutral.

If you sense strange noises groaning, whining, or ticking, it is because of parts' wear and tears.

Like damage or overuse of gear teeth or bearing parts can cause such noises that show a failing transmission.

3. Failing Gears

A properly working transmission will maintain your car in one gear till you change it.

You will notice when your transmission is slipping!

It may display about 3500 RPM or take forever to coast. Plus, you will observe your car taking more time to accelerate after you press on the gas peddle.

It is a sign that not sufficient power is transmitting to the internal combustion of the engine.

The transmission slipping can also happen due to worn out or damaged bands.

4. Your Car Isn't Going Into Gear

Low transmission fluid can cause your car to not go into gear. It might hinder your car to go in reverse gear or engage the drive.

This indicates a probable leak in the lines somewhere.

If your car still manages somehow to creep or engage a little forward with manual transmission issues. Then it might be indicative of a worn-out clutch plate. 

Despite being a minor issue, you need to look for a transmission repair shop near you to have it taken care of by a professional mechanic. Particularly for automobiles that don't slide smoothly into gear.

5. Transmission Fluid Leak

There are numerous causes for a transmission fluid leak.

Some of the issues that can cause it are cracked pan gaskets, loose drain plugs or pans, damaged fluid lines, broken torque converters, and poorly tightened bolts.

You might think that a simple replacement of its fluid will resolve this issue. But no! That's not the answer to this problem.

The constant replacement will result in erratic fluctuations in fluid levels.  And neither your engine nor transmission will perform effectively.

The adequate solution is to seek professional help for its leak. It will assure a consistent level of transmission fluid and will efficaciously extend your vehicle's life.

6. Check Engine Light Appears On & Stays That Way

There are many indications to detect transmission issues in your vehicle.

Some loud signs are odd noises or a red pool of transmission fluid under your car.

But did you know that check your engine light might also point that something is wrong with the transmission?

Don't think a lot about it! 

Simply do what the "check engine" light asks you!

Get your engine and transmission checked by a professional auto repair shop near you.

Remember, if you are driving a new car, then it is furnished with ultra receptive sensors. It will identify even the smallest glitch in the engine.

Still, all check engine light issues should get taken care of by professionals. 

It will ensure your safety, and proper upkeep of your car will definitely increase its life.

How To Turn Off The ‘Check Engine’ Light?

Is It Even Worth Getting Your Transmission fixed? 

The transmission contains a complex system with an incredible number of movable parts.

It is super expensive to get transmission repairs done due to the sheer number of parts that go into making a car's transmission.

You may think about how many parts it can be to cost so high for repairs.

It is a lot as even the primary components like output shafts, clutch packs, etc. are put together with several other small parts.

It is also why transmission is one of the most expensive parts of your car to sell.

It alone would make you realize why it is so heavy on the pocket to get it repaired.

It is just a tip to the iceberg!'

Other aspects also need to be taken into consideration before investing money in its repair.

The other aspects are the car's age, manufacturer, manual or automatic transmission, the severity of the transmission issue, and location.

The last part might confuse you!

The location also plays a critical role as it is an addition to your expense.

Did you know that driving a car in 2018 New York would have cost you around $18,926 on average? 

You can find an article on Fortune, "The 10 Most Expensive Cities To Own a Car," stating it.

Particularly, if you are residing somewhere with high living costs, then anticipate you will pay more.

How Much Can You Expect For Transmission Replacement?

You can expect it to cost you around $1000 to $6000.

The cost depends on the vehicle's size; the larger the vehicle, the costly is its replacement.

The other aspect that may sway the price higher is if you require replacement in a luxury car. Whereas, a regular car may cost way less than a luxury car.

Will You Need A Professional For Its Repair Or Replacement?

Yes! As you already know by now that transmission comprises unimaginable movable parts.

You will need to have in-depth knowledge before you try by yourself.

In an attempt to repair or replace by yourself you can end-up damaging a prominent part and increase the expense.

It is best if you hire a credible professional for fixing transmission.

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