Top 6 On-road Mechanical Failures Causing Accidents


While it is a fact that distractions, alcohol, road and weather issues contribute to maximum motor vehicle accidents, these are not the only reasons.

One major reason that can massively contribute to vehicular accidents is an improper maintenance of your vehicle.

This part of the car life cycle is in your hands you can properly maintain vehicles to avoid a majority of accidents.

A thorough maintenance and servicing on regular intervals can help you avoid inconvenience of breakdowns or accidents

Servicing vehicles on important and given due dates is primary. We often ignore servicing of our vehicles, but if done it would actually elongate its life cycle.

A vehicular collision is mostly related to some tire or wheel malfunction.

6 Faulty Auto Parts that Cause Most Road Accidents

1. Tires

Tires can get overheated, under or over inflated which can result in massive accidents.

Another thing to take note in the wearing of tires which will result in loss of friction and a danger especially if roads are wet and slippery.

After you repair a puncture if the mechanic fails to tighten the lug nuts properly, it might be a potential risk once the tire is loose. Check air pressure on a regular basis to stay safe.

2. Brakes 

Brakes can control the thrust, so it is possible that the brake pads wear out, you need to keep a lookout for the same and get it replaced immediately.

The fluid that is there in the brakes should be checked and replaced whenever necessary.

Brakes if not maintained can be a cause of a life-threatening situation. The brake has hydraulic parts which need special care and attention.

If your brake is making any squeaking or weird sounds every time to stop, get it checked immediately suddenly.

Brake linings start wearing with use so replace it at regular intervals depending on usage.

The metal used in brakes have limited service life so get it serviced regularly. If your vehicle is pulling to one side when you apply brakes, it is probably due to faulty brakes.  

3. Suspension 

Suspension is the sink between the tires and the road. The suspension has to be stable for a proper functioning of the vehicle.

The steering and suspension are inter-related, so it is important to keep in in-sink. Steering keeps you safe and helps you avoid any obstacles on the road.

A steering and suspension sink makes your road life safe so make sure you get your suspension checked at regular intervals.  Make sure your steering fluids have been checked before it is too late.

4. Windshield Wipers

If your vision is not clear you are bound to a victim of dangerous accidents.

If by chance you have damaged or broken your Windshield wipers you will be exposed to snow and rain so make sure you fix it immediately.

It is one of the most important things in your vehicle and as you cannot predict the weather do not risk your life by not fixing the windshield wipers in a timely manner.

5. Securing Cargo 

You might have luggage and other equipment on the roof of your vehicle which needs to be placed and kept properly if needed tie it up so that it does not fly out.

It might harm any pedestrian, other vehicle or come on your bonnet creating a massive distraction and eventually accidents.

So make sure cargo is always secured fastened to avoid disastrous situations.

6. Improper headlights 

Your vision has to be clear at all times while driving and to ensure that lighting plays an important role.

Especially when you are driving on rugged roads pos evening make sure your headlights are proper.

On a bi-weekly basis check both your headlights and tail lights ensuring maximum visibility.

Checklist before your long drives

  • Check air pressure
  • Replace any wear outs
  • Check brakes
  • Ensure the headlight and taillights are working fine
  • Wiper blades should be functional

How can you avoid road accidents?

  • Learn about traffic rules and obey them always
  • Fitting safety equipment in your car like airbags and seat belts.
  • Proper education about the parts of your car, is essential to know what you are driving
  • Learning simple tricks that can help you fix sudden damages
  • Know about the nearest service providers that help you fix your car
  • Have number of mechanics handy at all times
  • Get your vehicle checked and maintained at regular intervals

Manufacturers these days are engineering cars that ensure maximum safety according to set standards.

Even though manufacturers are taking special care, you have to make sure that you are well aware of the parts and simple tricks to avoid failures and breakdowns.

It is of utmost importance that you get a regular vehicular check. If you’re looking for services of auto repair in Doylestown, then contact AG Customs.