Need A Tow Truck? Call A&G Customs


You’ve broken down and gotten the car to the shoulder. Now the multitude of emotions wash over you like an unexpected 6-foot wave, “I knew there was something wrong when I started out”.

“I told Horatio to get this fixed”. “Where is MacGyver when I need him?”! After a few moments the indignation, (or panic), subsidies and you realize you have the answer in your hand.

The next more manageable wave is often, “How long will it take for the tow truck to get here?”, “will it be one of the rogue Philadelphia tow truck drivers I saw on the news the other day?”, or, “will I also have to pay for a taxi….or maybe…. can I ride with the tow truck driver and save a few bucks”? Ahem takes over and now the smartphone search begins in earnest.

If you’re in Bucks County some of the dread is likely mitigated. If Doylestown is within 15 miles; A&G Customs has been assisting motorists for years when unexpected ditch diving or motor-car breakdown happens.


  1. Am I in a safe place?
  2. Have I put out flares or a safety triangle?
  3. Is there enough space for a flat-bed or the drag behind style tow truck?
  4. Does your car have a serviceable tow hook?
  5. Does the tow truck driver have experience with your make and model?

These questions should have bearing on your decision. The author has one car with serviceable tow hooks and the other without.

Sadly, the one that didn’t be the one that required towing most recently.

Because of the low stump, the wretched car was resting on; winching it from its’ resting place forced further damage of which A&G Customs wasn’t the soft hand required at that moment-in-time. (The car was in Chester County, Pa).

Yes, tools, the type of tow truck and experience play a big role in getting out of perilous pride sappers.

Basic Priorities in an Accident

  • Check and make sure you and any passengers are ok.
  • Get yourself and your vehicle out of the way of further danger.
  • Light flares whether day or night alerting motorists of potential danger.
  • Call the necessary authorities

Mechanical Breakdown

Get your vehicle to the side of the road, far away from on-coming traffic.

For fast action around Doylestown, Pennsylvania: Call 215-669-3072 with the knowledge your bad situation will quickly be bettered by the empathetic A&G Customs Towing Service.