Steps to Prepare & Maintain Your Car for the Next Road Trip


Planning your next road trip can be fun. But there are a few important aspects that you need to take care of before you start off on your road trip – one vital element being getting your car absolutely ready for the journey.

Given below are a few tips from our expert auto mechanics from A&G Customs that you need to follow to ensure that your car is prepared to endure the long journey. So read on to find out more.

9 things to do before your next road trip

1. Checking Your Coolant Level

Try to check your car engine while it’s running and is just lukewarm in temperature.

If you sense a sweet smell coming from the engine when you pop the hood, your engine coolant might be leaking.

Use a dipstick to check your engine oil, and if you see yellow or green streaks, then the coolant leak can be further confirmed.

Have the leak fixed on an emergency basis at an auto repair service if you are planning a road trip?

2. Change Engine Oil Before You Leave

Whenever you plan on leaving for a long road trip with your car, make sure to take it in for an oil change at your local auto shop.

The transmission fluid and the brake fluid must also be checked along with the power-steering fluid, so as to ensure that you do not run into any trouble.

3. Recheck Your Seat Belts and Hoses

Take your car into local Automotive Repair Shop in Doylestown and make sure that your seatbelts and hoses are in perfect condition.

Defective seat belts have been known to be one of the top reasons for road accidents, and to avoid any such incidents, steps must be taken.

4. Check the Battery

Always remember to check your car battery at an auto repair service near you before you leave for a road trip.

A dead battery could strand you, your vehicle and the other riders in the middle of nowhere, and that could be exceptionally problematic if you do not have cell service and cannot call for help.

5. Never Carry Too Much Gas

When you leave on your road trip, make sure that you do not have more than half a tank of gas.

A gas tank, full to the brim, might develop condensation, which might freeze your fuel line depending on the weather. You will find plenty of gas stations while you travel.

So, there is no need to carry a full tank of gas.

6. Cleaning the Air Filter

A clogged air filter can prohibit you from defogging your windows efficiently while you drive. Always make sure that you clean the air filters properly before you leave.

7. Check Your Windshield

Always make sure to clean your car windshield properly and efficiently and replace the wiper blades if necessary if you want a safe and problem-free road trip.

Also, remember to refill your winter washer liquid and fix the defroster if needed to ensure that you have clear vision at all times when driving.

8. Check and Recheck Brakes

Checking and rechecking your brakes are critical at all times, especially when you are planning a long road trip.

It does not cost much to have your brakes checked – any auto shop can do it for you at an affordable rate.

You must ask the auto repair executive to check the brake lines, the wheel cylinders, the calipers, and the master cylinder.

9. Check Your Fog Lamps, Headlights and Taillights

Make sure that all your exterior lights are in full working condition. Your reverse lights, turn signals, brake lights, headlights, tail lights, and fog lamps must be in a perfect working condition so that you can drive with safety and security on some of the busiest roads as well.

There are many other preparations that your car must go through before you leave for the road trip. Visit A&G Customs if you are setting out for a long journey to ensure your vehicle is ready for it.