Auto Repair Experts Reveal Tips To Protect Car Paint


Car paint is the first thing that the buyer notices while buying your car.

A car with a well-maintained paint job will ultimately have a higher resale value.

But it is not feasible to do the paint job every once in a while.

Still, we can take a few easy-to-maintain precautions, which if applied can prolong the life of your car's paint.

3 Ways To Protect Your Car Paint

1. Washing The Right Way

Car wash is the first step towards prolonging the life of your car’s paint.It removes the contaminants that may harm the paint.

Start with rinsing the car down so that the larger pieces of dirt gets removed.

Then, prepare the soapy water to wash.Make sure that the soap is not regular but is specially designed for car washes.

Detergents remove the car wax and thus they should be avoided at all cost.

If you want to remove the bug splatter with ease, use auto detailing clay bar.

This will prevent your car from scratches that can be developed with a normal cleaner.

After washing the car, do not leave the car to dry in the sun.

This exposes your car paint and it may fade easily in that duration.

Instead, take a cotton rag and dry your car.

Manually drying the car may seem unnecessary, but it protects from the minerals left by evaporation.

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2. Waxing

Waxing acts as an extra layer of protection for your car paint.

It protects your car from almost every contaminant by preventing that contaminant from reaching the base paint.

After washing off your car and making sure that every contaminant is removed, the wax can be applied.

This allows the wax to be applied perfectly as the car is cool after the wash.

Wax should be applied 4 to 6 times per year.

The wax can be of two types

1. Carnauba

This usually is yellow in color and is relatively hard. It gives a better shine but may fade easily.

2. Synthetic

These types of waxes are pretty easy to apply but the depth of the shine is less.

After trying multiple synthetic waxes, you may find some that suites the vibe of your car. It lasts longer in comparison with the carnauba.

3. Protecting From Sun & Other Factors

Sunlight and heat are the worst enemies of car paint.

When a car is directly exposed to the sun, the UV rays help the car paint to absorb dirt, which in turn, lets the color to fade.

Thus, it’s always recommended to avoid parking in direct sunlight.

Bird droppings and salt air are the other factors that influence the paint. Bird droppings are highly acidic in nature.

Similarly, if you live near the sea, the air is highly corrosive to metal.

Both of these factors affect the car paint severely.

Washing your car regularly and having it waxed periodically helps prolong the lifespan of its paint.

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