9 Must-Ask Questions To An Auto Body Repair Shop In Montgomeryville


The United States alone experiences over 6 million car accidents every year. (]]>Source]]>)

And the Collision Repair Industry’s total revenue accounted for over $50 billion with 125,152 businesses, in 2019. (]]>Source]]>)

Now, when you study these two statistics closely, you come to the conclusion that auto body repair involves extravagant costs.

But no one can miss those repairs, so how can you avoid paying such a huge amount on them?

By asking these simple questions before opting for an auto body repair in Montgomeryville.

9 Questions To Ask An Auto Repair Shop 

1. Can You Give A Precise Estimate?

This question is essential to choose the right auto body repair shop. Asking this simple question to multiple shops will help you compare their prices for the same set of problems.

You can choose the shop that offers services in your budget and is near your location.

2. Do You Provide Warranty?

No warranty? Be ready to pay more than twice!

But, if the shop provides a warranty on their parts and labor, then you can rest assured that you won’t have to pay repeatedly for the same work.

3. How Long Will The Process Last?

Holidays experience more accidents every year. According to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System, the memorial day sees more than 312 accidents every year across the USA.

Hence, during holidays or peak seasons, repairs usually take more time as there are many vehicles lined up. Thus, getting it confirmed beforehand is the right way to go about it.

You can opt for an alternate commuting vehicle or just wait for the process to be finished if the overall repair doesn’t take long.

4. What Will Be The Final Result?

A good auto body repair shop will make all the necessary repairs with utmost precision to give you the look and feel of the car as its original state.

Get this query cleared whether the shop will be able to do the same.

If not, then you’ve ample options to choose from. (Do note that depending upon the accident the vehicle was involved in, it might or might not be possible to restore it in the exact same condition.)

5. Can You Give The Estimate In Written Format?

Not often, but some shops do turn back from their words after the process is completed; citing the rise of a new set of problems.

An honest company will have no problem whatsoever to give you your estimate in written format with the precise hourly rate, the parts that need to be replaced, and their costs.

6. Do You Provide A Loaner Vehicle?

Although it is your responsibility to look for an alternate vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired, a few shops do provide this add-on service.

Thus, be sure to ask about this. If nothing, you might just get some extra help.  

7. For How Long Have You Been In The Business And What Are The Credentials You Have?

One of the most basic questions that we most often miss includes checking the credentials of a shop. Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), the independent Auto Body Association (IABA), and AAA are a few national certifications that signify the good credibility of a shop.

Along with certifications, check the duration the business has been active for. The longer a business deals with customers, the more precise the reviews.

8. When Can I Wash The Car After The Repair?

Most auto body repair shops will wash the car after the entire process and return it to you when it is sufficiently dry.

If paintwork is done, they let it dry and return it to you in the driving state. It is still advisable to make these things clear. 

9. Will The New Paint Differ From The Original?

Even a slight difference in the paint code can hamper the essence of your car. Thus, ask this question and let it be cleared that you need the exact same color.

So, the next time your vehicle needs an auto body repair, remember to ask these important questions to your auto repair shop. If you want to know more auto repair-related tips, contact A&G Customs at 215 669 3072.

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