How To Remove Scratches From Car Paint


Scratches, dents, and discoloration are three things that you’re bound to deal with if you have a car. Sometimes, you just park the car at night and when you check it in the morning, some ‘cool guy’ has scratched it with their keys.

If you’re lucky, the scratch will be light and can be removed easily with a few tricks. But if they are deep, luck may not be on your side but we certainly are.

So, without wasting much of your time, let’s dive right into how you can go about removing all kinds of car scratches. 

4 Ways To Remove Light Scratches

1. Use Toothpaste

Toothpaste is popularly known for removing scratches on DVDs. But it is also effective on the car body. 

Basically, toothpaste is a softer form of sandpaper. Take whitening toothpaste and rub it gently. The uneven surface will get polished after the ugly scratch is removed.

2. Use Shoe Polish

If the scratch has not touched the surface yet, it will get removed fairly easily. Just wash the surface and let it dry. Then, apply shoe polish on it.

A white polish will work well with dark surfaces. After the shoe polish is applied, use sandpaper to sand the polish.

Apply rubbing compound and then follow it up with washing and waxing the area which is affected. It will remove the scratch from your car

3. Use Candle Wax

The above two mentioned methods can be used to remove the light scratches completely. But candle wax acts as a cover-up. It is a temporary solution until you get the scratches fixed.

Start with washing the affected area, further applying candle wax to it. This will help cover-up the scratches with ease.

4. Use Duct Tape

Again this is a temporary solution. This works fine for very light scratches.

The basic idea is to make use of duct tapes, that match the color of your car paint and apply it evenly. Make sure you do not overdo it. Otherwise, the area will be bumpy. 

Also, carefully avoid creating crease lines. 

4 Steps To Remove Deep Scratches

Deep scratches are hard to get rid of but they’re not impossible. All you need is some extra effort and you’ll find a spotless car in no time.

Step 1- Wash It

Before getting a deep scratch removed, wash the affected area thoroughly. Then, apply mask tape and newspaper to cover the nearby area so that the spray that will be used in further steps won’t affect that area.

Step 2-  Coat It

After the surrounding area is taken care of and the scratched area is cleaned, use a color coat. Make sure that the coat matches your car paint.

Either use spray or a good brush to apply it. Let it dry for an hour.

Step 3 - Coat It Again

Coat it again, but this time, with a clear coat. Apply the same procedure and let it dry for 40 minutes.

Step 4 - Wrap It Up

After coating it repeatedly, the area will be uneven and will stand out from the rest of the car color. Thus, it should be flattened out.

Use grit wet and dry sandpaper for the same, also be gentle and careful while flattening it.

Finish it off by applying polish to give it a ‘polished look’.

Opt For Professional Help

If something goes wrong in these methods, you’ll end up deteriorating the affected area even more. Thus, getting professional help for a paint job should be the safest choice.

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