Use These Simple DIYs To Save Big On Auto Repairs


Don’t you love spending downtime indoors curling up in your bed and watching your favorite Netflix shows? Likewise, your car needs some downtime too, it needs to be repaired and maintained regularly to function smoothly. 

Your car goes through a rough patch during harsh weather conditions throughout the year. Be it the rigid temperature of the snow or the hot sun, your car faces it all. It could drastically suffer if you don’t tend to its upkeep .

Learn how you can save some cash by following some simple DIY repairs and keeping your car ready to withstand any weather, all at the same time.

10 Easy DIY Auto Repair Tips To Save Money

1. Replace your own brake pads

Common misconceptions among people is that brakes are something that you shouldn’t mess with. But the truth is that it’s a very simple task to clean and replace your brake pads, if you can master the skill like any other auto repair expert. 

Auto repair professionals are trained to do their job well and so you get high-quality work done from them. However, we can help you do a decent job yourself, if not a complete pro job.

All you need is some basic wrenches, a jack with stands and some pliers. A new set of brake pads cost anywhere between $15 to $30. Now, remember that a mechanic from a local service center can charge somewhere between $200 for each axle to change your brake pads. So, if you manage to do this job yourself, you’ll save quite a lot!

Five step process - 

  1. Take the wheel off
  2. Pull out the brake pads
  3. Adjust the caliper piston by pressing it inside
  4. Install the new pads
  5. Put the wheel back together

As simple as that. The new set of brake pads will last you for the next 40,000 miles. But do check them every 8000 miles. 

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2. A family owned code-reader

Do you know about code readers? They’re simple diagnostic machines that tell you if something is wrong with your car without going to a mechanic.

You plug it in your car’s computer system and let it do its work. It has a display screen where it’ll show you the details of your car. Follow the manual provided by the code reader, as you’ll face some trouble initially trying to understand what’s displayed on the screen.

3. Change your air filter

Air filters are very important for a car. It’s even more important for you to change them regularly as they regulate your car’s performance including acceleration, smoothness, mileage and so on.

The good news is that replacing an air filter is the easiest of all. Bring a new filter from the market and follow the procedure provided in your car’s manual book to change it. I’d say that even the manufacturers want you to change them yourselves as they’ve provided the details in the manual book.

4. Replace your worn out belt

One simple trick to diagnose if you need to replace your drive belt is to listen for sounds such as squeaking. If you hear this sound repeatedly, there’s something wrong with your drive belt.

The drive belt doesn’t break at once, it loosens first then cracks start appearing and after a while it breaks. It’s always in your best interest to replace it when you start seeing cracks over it. 

To change your worn out belt, look for an online video or better call 215 669 3072 for help. (We understand that an engine belt is more than just DIY, so it’s better to take professional help in this case.)

5. Wiper blades

Your wiper blades do a lot of work during the rains and winters. Thus, you should replace your blades every six months to be prepared to weather any storm. 

Changing your wipers is very easy. First check what kind of wiper blade mounts your car has, if you have a pin type or hook slot mount installed, then it’s as easy as plucking the old ones out and installing the new ones from market.

If it doesn’t, then all you need is a screwdriver to loosen the connections and make way for new ones. Anyway, you shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to get the job done.

6. Charge your battery

We hope that you take your battery servicing seriously as it’s required by all major accessories in your car. Charging a battery is as easy as going to the service shop to charge it, there’s no other way. 

The trick is to remember the last time you charged your battery. This makes all the difference. With batteries, it’s all about consistency and regularly getting it checked by service mechanics so that it lasts longer. Otherwise, batteries deteriorate very quickly if not maintained. Then, you’d have to pay much higher to replace the whole unit every 2 to 3 years.

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7. Keep your spare tire fit

This is the most unique pointer amongst all. We all take care of the four stock tires of our car, but we hardly pay any attention to our spare tire. Actually, the spare tire saves us on a journey, but yet we neglect it.

You can simply take care of it by lubricating in the necessary areas of the tire so that corrosion doesn’t take place. That’s it!

8. Simple oil change

We can’t stress enough. A simple oil change shouldn’t even be one this list but it is because not many do it themselves. You’re smart enough to know what kind of oil best suits your car - synthetic, semi-synthetic or something else. 

Then, just buy it from a local store along with a funnel and change the oil yourself. This is it! 

9. Fix spark plugs

This simple DIY trick can help you with better performance, mileage and overall smooth feel of driving. If you have a faulty spark plug, you’ll experience delay during ignition. Also, when you see some trouble with decreased mileage, it’s the spark plug which has gone rogue.

Spark plugs come cheap, so please don’t keep it for too long. You’re just wasting money if you haven’t replaced your spark plug in time.

10. Touch up on paint scratches

We don’t know how much you care about the look of your car as much as the feel of driving it. But we believe that your car deserves to be equally appealing to the eye.

Scratches can occur due to several factors such as inattentive car doors, parking space accidents, grocery carts and so on. It’s better to take your car to a service center to touch up on paint as you’d need to know the perfect shade of the color. 


Now that you’re aware of these simple DIYs for auto repairs, we are sure you’ll be able to save on those extra bucks by doing them yourself.

However, we hope you make smart choices and understand that not everything can be done by yourself. Some auto repair jobs require a professional hand, which if neglected can cost you more than you can imagine. 

When it comes to the engine, battery, and brakes; it is always advisable to seek professional help. DIYs on these areas can cause you more damage to your pocket and life if done incorrectly, so be wise and know when it’s worth saving and when it’s time to spend.

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