What Kind of Services Do an Auto Repair Shop Usually Offer?


A well-maintained vehicle is more fuel efficient, reliable and will last much longer, making the most out of your auto investment.

The best way to keep your vehicle well-maintained is by having it serviced regularly from an auto repair shop in Doylestown or near your area.

An auto repair shop provides a wide range of services and uses the latest tools and techniques to make sure the highest quality of service is offered to their customers.

A professional auto repair shop will have expert auto repair technicians. These technicians are trained to perform diagnostic and repair services on all makes and models of the vehicle, according to factory recommended maintenance service.

First, let’s look at the various auto repair shops that you’ll come across in the USA.

Types of Automotive Garages and Repair Shops

  • Auto parts stores or motor-factors that also have provision for service operations for vehicles.
  • Auto repair workshops that are independently owned and operated businesses throughout the United States. These include regional or national chains and franchise OEM dealerships. Additionally, some of these auto repair shops provide towing service.
  • There are specialty automobile repair shops. They specialize in repair works of parts such as brakes, mufflers and exhaust systems, transmissions, automobile electrification, automotive air conditioner repairs and wheel alignment.
  • There are also some repair shops that only work on specific brands of vehicle or vehicles from different parts of the world.
  • Various online automobile repair shops have sprung up across the US. They provide doorstep repair services. They also offer home delivery of new and used auto parts that are not widely available in the market.

You need to know that all of these auto repair shops may or may not offer all the services listed below. So before you finalize one, ensure that they offer the exact services that you’re looking for.

List of Auto Repair Services

  • Engine services
  • Drive belt inspection or replacement
  • Fan belt inspection or replacement
  • Radiator hose inspection or replacement
  • Serpentine belt inspection or replacement
  • Timing belt inspection or replacement
  • Heater hose inspection or replacement
  • Flush and fill service
  • Brake fluid change
  • Differential fluid change
  • Power steering fluid change
  • Transmission fluid & filter
  • Preventive maintenance‎
  • Oil change service
  • Battery installation
  • Filter replacement
  • Check engine light service

Repair Services

  • AC & heating system
  • Brake services
  • Diagnosis and evaluation services
  • Axle/CV joint repair (FWD)
  • Radiator repair/replacement
  • Automatic transmission repair
  • Manual transmission repair
  • Clutch repair service
  • Four wheel drive systems
  • Tires new/replace/repair
  • Wheel alignment service

Other Specialty Services‎

  • Muffler/exhaust welding
  • Intoxalock - ignition interlock
  • Certified emissions facility

Keeping your car in a good condition should be a top priority when you own a car. But getting your car to an auto repair shop is only half the battle. Consumers need to know how to get the most for their maintenance and repair dollars.

So keep these 5 points in mind when you visit an auto repair shop

  1. Communicate all your concerns about the performance of the vehicle to the mechanic.
  2. Always expect to leave your car at the repair shop for at least a better half of the day. So be prepared accordingly.
  3. Do the common courtesy of tidying up your ride before dropping off to the repair shop.
  4. Make sure you leave your contact details behind so that they can approach you if any other services, other than the ones discussed is required for the car.
  5. Leave the mechanic to do his job. Do not hover around the mechanic telling him what to do. Take a seat in the waiting room and let him do his job correctly.

It is always best if you can locate an auto repair shop in your neighborhood. If you are searching for an auto repair shop in Doylestown, reach out to A&G Customs to avail the best servicing and maintenance experience for your vehicle.