5 Things To Keep In Mind While Restoring A Car!


Classic car restoration is a great way to bring back a ]]>vintage car from automotive history]]>.

If it’s a car that has a great reputation in the market, then restoring such a car can get you a great amount of cash.

However, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration while doing it.

5 Things You Should Do While Restoring Your Car

1. Finding The Right Parts For Your Car

When you know which car you are going to fix, the first step would be to find the parts for it.

Finding car parts of an antique car isn’t a joke, it is pretty hard.

Are you aware of the specific model and year of the car to find its parts?

Then, you need to decide if you want to find new parts or you want to continue with the same old parts of your car?

If you restore it with its original parts, then your car will be more authentic but they may be difficult to obtain as your car is old.

However, if you are looking to restore a classic car it is advisable to find its original parts in the market rather than duplicate ones.

2. ‘Type’ Of Restoration

There are four different levels of car restoration.

And, each one of them is progressively tougher than the last one.

a. Driver Restoration

Driver restoration is the most basic of them all.

You can get the car on the road by fixing it and some minor aesthetics.

This is mostly done for personal use.

b. Street Show Restoration

Street show restoration includes fixing all minor and major issues of the car.

c. Show Car Restoration

Show car restoration is the one where you would need professional experience, and as the name suggests you don’t drive it once it is restored.

d. Concourse

Concourse is the highest and most difficult level. 

You only do it if you are going to make it a part of a private collection and will require thorough professional work.

3. Don’t Forget Safety

Old cars don’t have very prominent safety features and therefore, you need to upgrade it.

They don’t have airbags and could probably use a change of seatbelts to ensure you and your co-passenger are safe in case of an accident.

And, if they didn’t come installed with it, then it is better to install them yourself.

You should also upgrade the radio, add Bluetooth, add rearview cameras and air conditioning of the car.

This is not much of a visible change.

You don’t need much aesthetic appeal if you are doing it for yourself.

However, in case you are doing it for a show, you can use professional help and stick to the originals.

4. Refer a Restoration Manual and Know Your Limits

There are many restoration manuals in the market which will guide you through the process of restoring a car.

They help you with everything, right from rebuilding the engine to the minor restoration challenges you will face.

In case you know about cars you might not need it, but having some extra information doesn’t hurt.

You can also sign up to restoration forums.

They will come in handy when you can’t find info in the restoration manual.

Restoration isn’t a piece of cake.

It requires you to build your skills and take your time before starting on a project.

You should be aware of your limits and never feel too embarrassed to ask for help from local mechanics.

5. Don’t Expect Resale and Be Prepared for Setbacks

By now, you must have seen various shows, which feature a car being restored and then being resold for thousands of dollars.

The chances are very unlikely.

Until and unless you’ve found a very vintage car and restored it to its original shape using its original parts, don’t expect a thousand dollar cheque dropping in your pocket.

Mostly, the restoration process is only for you.

And, in most cases, you will end up investing more money in restoring it than you will make selling it.

Also, you need to be aware that such projects are bound to come with certain setbacks.

Just be prepared for it and don’t lose your spirit!

You might end up working on a car for months but you have to remember it’s a part of the process.

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